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Hello Manifestors! I’ve been manifesting for the past six years with no success or lack thereof. One day, I woke up and saw a different perspective that changed me. I saw the reasons manifesting wasn’t happening for me. In this blog, I will share my personal experience with learning self-love and manifesting. I will be sharing a personal account of how it all began for me and what I have been doing. I am still on my spiritual journey so read, enjoy and come along this journey with me!

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  • Keeping an eye on the prize!
    When things are slow going, remembering to keep on even when it is tough! In my early years in life I used to go about life without an aim. I never aimed to achieve anything and things felt empty. Everyone else around me had goals and went for them. I, however, just went with life… Continue reading Keeping an eye on the prize!
  • “It takes time to heal”
    Not a very Fourth of July heading. but it turns out I am still healing. I now realize that there is always more healing and more self-improvement to do. Things change slowly and the more self-improvement you do, the more things shift. It’s just being open to that uncomfortable feeling when you are going through… Continue reading “It takes time to heal”
  • Sunday Morning
    Summer feeling morning! I wanted to write about this before. Actually, the day after my last post which was my mother’s day post. Even though I have gone backwards into my negativity, I still see if I have a spark of the law of attraction in me. I happily asked for the Universe for something… Continue reading Sunday Morning

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