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Hello Manifestors! I’ve been manifesting for the past six years with no success or lack thereof. One day, I woke up and saw a different perspective that changed me. I saw the reasons manifesting wasn’t happening for me. In this blog, I will share my personal experience with learning self-love and manifesting. I will be sharing a personal account of how it all began for me and what I have been doing. I am still on my spiritual journey so read, enjoy and come along this journey with me!

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  • Goal of the day
    The goal is to enjoy every minute of today! If you have the time, slow down and be aware of every movement you do. The joy of cooking. The smell of the grass if you are near greenery, enjoy the sounds of birds, enjoy a favorite beverage, enjoy a favorite snack, maybe write in a… Continue reading Goal of the day
  • Carpe Diem
    I struggle to be positive and I am realizing more and more that it only makes me more negative. I always think about the what if’s which is not being present. I am present in my worries. I am reminding myself that I should just live my day as best as I can. Carpe Diem-… Continue reading Carpe Diem
  • Grateful for Abundance
    At the beginning of the month- I looked at my finances for the previous month and whoa! I definitely spent! Wow! I didn’t know so much was going out of my pocket because I didn’t care. I just purchased to my hearts content with some restraint. I did some summer wardrobe updating and bought this and… Continue reading Grateful for Abundance

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