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Hello Manifestors! I’ve been manifesting for the past six years with no success or lack thereof. One day, I woke up and saw a different perspective that changed me. I saw the reasons manifesting wasn’t happening for me. In this blog, I will share my personal experience with learning self-love and manifesting. I will be sharing a personal account of how it all began for me and what I have been doing. I am still on my spiritual journey so read, enjoy and come along this journey with me!

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  • Sunday Morning
    Summer feeling morning! I wanted to write about this before. Actually, the day after my last post which was my mother’s day post. Even though I have gone backwards into my negativity, I still see if I have a spark of the law of attraction in me. I happily asked for the Universe for something… Continue reading Sunday Morning
  • Happy Mother’s Day and Life Update
    I have been meaning to write for a while now. I have nothing interesting to write. Nothing motivational to write. I have been very ill shortly after starting my new position. I am currently contemplating quitting my new position becuase the people who work with me are highly toxic. It is hard to stay positive… Continue reading Happy Mother’s Day and Life Update
  • Stepping Stones
    Life is constantly throwing a problem to solve. The issue is overcoming the challenge. What is overcoming a challenge?  It is going through it.  Step by Step You are constantly finding a solution. Is this the right way to this? Or that? What is the lesson in  this situation I am in?  And when you think… Continue reading Stepping Stones

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