My manifesting so far. 2021.

I used to think manifesting was never going to work for me.

In 2014 when I first entered my entrapment situation, I wanted to manifest money so bad.

Universe does not respond to desperation.

However, with hard work and a determined, positive mindset will help you.

At the time I was working at a retail company making minimum wage and wanted to bring in more money. I wanted to also improve myself and where I go career wise. Retail was not working out for me.

I sent out resumes for office jobs and hoped for the best. It was super uncomfortable yet, satisfying. It is okay to be uncomfortable. Do you want to stay put where you are and safe? Or do you want to take a risk?

If it doesn’t work out, I put my foot out there and gave it a try. Of course there will be doubts. But, the Universe takes the amount of energy you send out the most. I was trying to be positive and I felt so good just sending out resumes.

Universe understood because I got a call for an interview. I always get excited because it is a higher chance of getting hired. It is the next step. It was better than where I was at my job.

Do note here that I am not comfortable at taking risks. I take a long time to make a move because I feel so scared. However, the pros outweighs the cons and I went for it.

I got the job after one interview. I was thankful. I didn’t stay at that job too long because the demands were too high. I ended up going back to my old job and continued interviewing.

Disappointing but, I did try it out. It is always nerve-wrecking trying out new things. Am I going to mess it up? My fears keeps me stuck in a low vibration.

That time was amazing for me because of the changes I made in my life. I eventually went on to an office job that I hated but, I ended up doing for 5 years. After that, I moved onto another office job.

I ended up losing that job when New York first started coming out of Quarantine in May of last year. I am thankful being let go because I didn’t like my new boss. I was so miserable. Rejection is God’s protection. I do believe that!

My roommate just got a job offer for higher pay and a better position with room for advancement in his future. Kudos!! He is psyched that his energy has spread to me! It is contagious! I am so happy just because of that energy I feel from him! I will not compare myself to his situation. He has been looking for this transition for a long time coming. It is his wish come true!

Comparison doesn’t work. It is not your path. Everyone has their own timing. Right now, I would say I am in the middle of a career transition. Not sure, where I will go from here.

I love the peace that I have. Although, I do not like the feeling of being stuck because I feel like I am not moving anywhere(see the contrast after I wrote, I love the peace I have but…Universe reads that. Keep positive, self!).

But, Spirituality teaches to be in the moment. Do not look in the past. Do not look into your future.

There is a reason why you are where you are. You are in the right place in time.

I slaved 6 years mentally, physically and emotionally for those people and I had a year so far to make up for lost time. I am looking forward to more better things to make up for all I lost. I am smiling right now as I type this because it feels so good! I prayed to be released for a long time. I manifested this. Here I am.

I am going to embrace this!!!

Thank you for reading.

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