Self-Love through Self-Care

I started getting into the habit of self-love through self-care. It is repeating these things because you want to retrain your mind to reprogram your old way of thinking.

~ Affirmations: Repeating them out loud. You don’t have to do too much. Just repeat three affirmations at a time and repeat it for 5 minutes in your mind a day.

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~Another way of getting affirmations into your mind is affirmation videos. There is plenty on Youtube. There are some ranging from 10 minutes to hours if you have the time to listen to them. Youtube is my go-to self help tool.

~Solfeggio Frequencies or Tibetan Singing bowl videos– I have them on when I am cleaning or doing other chores.

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~Inspiring Ted talks, podcasts or videos to help you along in your day.

~Meditation – it is so helpful with my anxiety and keeping me calm.

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~Bringing up vibrations with Saging or lighting up Palo Santo. I love the smell of Palo Santo. Saging is way more smokier so, if you live in a smaller space, open your windows.

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~ Taking epsom salt baths. This is a great opportunity to set it up with frequency music. Lay there and allow your aura to be cleansed.

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~~~~~~You can envision a white light around you. Take a few breaths in with white light and then exhale any dark stuff, send up all the dark stuff to the air and let it dissipate into light.

~~~~~~Or when you are sitting in the bath, you can imagine all the things that feel heavy flow out of your body into the water and imagine it go down the drain when you are done.

~ No time for a bath? In the shower, imagine a white light around you as you cleanse. Imagine the water cleansing your aura.

Take great care and enjoy your free time as you bring up your vibes!

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