Love Vibration

“To attract love, first let go of fear”

Since Valentine’s day is tomorrow, I will label this post “Love Vibration”. Cheesy, I know.

I used to think raising your vibration is about being happy. Therefore, I associated doing something I liked as happy.

One example is shopping or grabbing your favorite treat if your fave shop is open during this pandemic.

Yes, this can make you happy.


The vibration is not high enough.

What I noticed in my journey is love is the highest!

What is love vibration?

Keeping it simple, it means being in a state of no resistance.

“What you resist, will persist” -Carl Jung

This is a journey in itself. Anything negative about yourself or any bad you see on yourself that you ignore, will grow bigger and bigger until you face yourself. This is why in my previous post, I wrote about inner work.

In spirituality, it is called shadow work. There is also inner child work. These are actually excellent if you want to go in depth into yourself. I think beginning with your beginnings is fantastic! So, start with your childhood first. Your inner child.

I have read posts about doing shadow work. There is guided meditation with visualization which I tried once. I cried my eyes out. But, deeply relieving. I felt so much weight leave me.

I am more comfortable with just journaling things about my past. They’re so many journal ideas about inner work if you do a search on them. I use them to ask myself questions. Interesting, I do not know the answer to a lot of the prompts. So, it means more work. Get to know myself. What makes me happy?

I have also tried heart chakra meditation. This works for me sometimes.

My favorite is guided chakra meditation which focuses on all 7 chakras. It helps me clear out some negativity. That is when I am ready for a heart chakra mediation. Clear out the bad.Then, bring in the good.

You do not have to do all that. Simply listening to good mood music to get your into a serene mood is meditative enough.

Can you truly go into a state of no resistance in your life? That is quite a journey. To me this is advanced spirituality. This is a journey of going to your higher self.


Being in a love vibration means so many things:

Forgiveness is one. Yes, even people that wronged you. They do not have to know you forgive them. Just the idea of you forgiving. How about forgiving yourself? I am currently working on that. Forgiveness is hard for me.

Like what the top of my post says, letting go of fears. That has been a big part of my journey since leaving my entrapment situation. Will they come after me again?! This will be a post in itself. I have so much to say about that alone.

Clearing out the old things in your life. Clear out old clutter. I did a whole lot of that!

Or more spiritually, clearing your aura. Envision a white light surrounding your body. You can do it for 3 minutes.

It’s amazing when you try to raise your vibration, you also notice what you want to remove out of your life. That brings me back to inner work. Trust your intuition. After raising your vibration your intuition will guide you to start looking at things in you life you need to work on. You will know where to begin. Maybe I will write more in depth about this tomorrow.

Happy journey to manifesting! Stay in love vibration!

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