Working on your love vibration?

Manifesting is fantastic. It really works! Positive mindset brings out positive intent! And then M-A-G-I-C.

Write your goals down.

Write about the life you want.

Believe in it.

This is where love vibration comes in. You can go to a love vibration and still come down from that place. Law of Attraction works when you are consistently up in love vibration. So, when you do not believe. The best thing to do is work on staying in this vibration.

Now work on yourself until you believe in yourself! When you achieve that, the Universe will take that as a cue to help you push your wants and desires out of your goal sheet and into the world. This is the magic happening!

People will appear to help you on your journey. Things you need will slowly start to show up.

Then, the big dream will happen.

Not there yet? It’s time to work. My message is that there is more to just manifesting. If you are not manifesting then, there is some stuff you have to go through. You will sense what that is.

Since, I had time last year due to quarantine, I listened to plenty of frequency music.

Then, I removed toxic people out of my life which are the people manipulating me. My family are toxic too but, I keep them at a distance. They are afterall my family and care for me in some way.

Then Pinterest drew me into crystals. I became drawn to them. I bought my first set which consisted of clear quartz, rose quartz, amethyst and aventurine.

Next, I was interested in learning the chakras that the crystals represented.

Next, I found chakra meditation.

I struggled with meditation at first. Focusing is difficult for me. I still have tough sessions where I do not feel I achieved what I want to achieve during meditation. However, I still try. Sometimes, my intuition sharpens and guides me well which motivates me to keep meditating.

Then, comes clearing out some clutter in my home. Amazing how this can make you happy. It makes life so much easier and it allows the new to come into your life. Great way to bring in new energy. (Also, I naturally love to declutter.)

Next, I decided to try a mind valley course. They advertise all over Youtube. Watching a tarot reading? Mind Valley ad comes up. I guess when the student is ready, the teacher appears.

While doing the mind valley course, I decided to update furniture. I did some redecorating and I am currently in love with these changes. Another way to bring your vibes up is make some changes in your environment if you can. Even if it’s just introducing a plant into your home if you do not own one.

After that, I began digging into inner child work and shadow work.

I have gone through slight changes since my journey began. Maybe an awakening. All of it brought me into an emotional roller coaster. It was not an easy ride. I am still progressing forward. I am all not there yet, but my vibrations are higher.

One of my previous posts I mentioned finding a $50.00 bill on the ground. Brand spanking new bill. I was so surprised. I never found such a large bill before.

I had so much fears in the beginning but, I began heading towards a positive mindset. I am better than I was six months ago. That is the point here.

Your largest fear carries your greatest growth

Everything you want is on the other side of fear.” – Jack Canfield

And then, this journey lead me to write about it here on this blog.

“Feel the fear but do it anyway

Your intuition will guide you always. There is no one way to get to a higher vibration. Everyone is on their own path in life. I am discovering mine. Your higher self and the Universe will always want the best for you!

2 thoughts on “Working on your love vibration?”

  1. Last year December I told my boyfriend that every time I thought about this year (2021) I had this inexplicable but undeniable feeling that 2021 will be amazing for us. I couldn’t shake the feeling at all. We’re half way through the year and certain things that we both want are falling into place. Made me realize the importance of trusting those feelings/instincts/vibrations.

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    1. Yes! Manifesting is not as simple as a lot of popular posts claim! It’s manifesting which is part one and then their is trust part two. Keeping that trust and belief is the hard part. And part three- making it happen. It’s a slow process but time will reveal everything. Thanks for commenting

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