Changing my perspective

On a previous post, I made my resistance list that created my manifesting blocks. What is next? Next is changing the old self.

Changing the way you used to think. It’s time to rework your mind.

When I started this journey, I actually started on inner work first then discovery of my resistance came after. I started with vibrational music and walks in the park last year. I would actually listen to affirmations and the vibrational music during my walks. I live near a huge park so the walks would be lengthy if I wanted to be. I used that as a way to listen to affirmations to drill these thoughts into my mind. 

Slowly, my thoughts would wander and I would remember them and journal when I came home. 

I also took a self help course which helped me organize my past thoughts and help me see my old self clearer.

Little by little things started to piece together. 

When I was reprogramming and reworking my old self, I became more aware of how harmful my old self was. It was a back and forth of my reprogramming and my old self. And of course, my old self fighting the change. 

It was tough but I got through it. Lots of crying. Lots of deep thoughts.

I still have memories of my past and the emotions that come with them. Yet, I still work on my new self.

If you need more assistance, there are loads of guides online. If you want to take a spiritual route there are videos and other websites on spiritual awakenings. I am sure if you are going through this course of self discovery, you have awakened! 

There are abundance guides that can help you along your journey. 

Trust your intuition. When you go through an inner work journey, things do not go in order. Your higher self will guide you into where you need to begin. 

Next step continues to be tough ahead. You will be fighting your old self in order to start your new self. 

Actions steps are the first steps to changing yourself. Inaction is staying where you are. Actions are necessary to help you along your way to rethink the way you run your thoughts. 

Actions steps to changing your inner self:

  1. connect with nature
  2. Be aware of your old negative thoughts and affirm them with:
  3. Daily affirmations
  4. Clearing out the old- through cleaning your home. Since Spring is on the way at the time of this post, it is perfect. Although, I reorganize and declutter anytime I feel like I need to keep my house in order. 
  5. Self-care
  6. Connect with those who love you! And your lovely pets if you have any.
  7. Inspiration – uplifting and inspiring podcasts or videos are helpful. If your a reader, cozy up to a book with a nice cup of coffee. If you prefer shorter reads, maybe more blogs on manifesting 😉
  8. Continue journaling
  9. Education- there are plenty of self help books out there that can guide you along the way. 

A brief summary:

What’s next after inner self discovery? You’ve made it and discovered your old ways that hinder you from going to a manifesting vibration which is a higher vibration. 

You’ve discovered a list of resistance that keeps you stuck at your current stage in life. 

Next is redesigning the mind. An excellent way to do this is through affirmations. Taking walks in nature or listening to positive mood music to uplift yourself and to keep you from going back to your old mindset. 

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