This will be a short one. This morning, I went outside to pick up an amazon package at one of those Amazon lockers they have at a retailer due to package thefts. Darn thiefs!

On my way back, I saw this Asian man looking paranoid walking around the avenue. He was heading to the train station and stopped every minute to look around and weary of where he was going.

That was horrible to watch.

He look to the side. He moved a bit, and then stopped to look behind. He continued doing so, until he stopped at the beginning of the train station.

He didn’t have to do that. He doesn’t have to be fearful of who he is because some imbeciles decide to hate. I didn’t want to use a harsh word but, this is the right time for it.

As an fellow Asian, I wanted to tell him he doesn’t have to walk around like that.

  1. It will promote more fear within himself.
  2. Other people will see that and any imbecile can feed off that.
  3. You are showing you are uncomfortable with being yourself.

Be cautious but, do not be afraid of people. Show resilience. Be aware of your surroundings with a guard up but, no need to show fear in your walk.

Walk proud.

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