I am having an easygoing, lazy Sunday

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

Today’s weather is gloomy and chilly. It certainly can bring a mood down when you are looking forward to nice spring weather. But Vibes. I have been obsessed with Hindz from Youtube and all I keep thinking is “keep your vibes up” when I watch or listen to his videos. He is my current motivator.

For the past three weeks, I was working on something towards a work goal. It kept me busy for sure. I was focused and determined. I succeeded in finishing it which made me happy. Tiny step towards something I am working on. I just started a break and thought I would write today.

I am on a lazy manifesting day. Yes, I am working on manifesting while I work on myself. I believe I have taken a break from working on myself too.

As I move forward from digging deep within myself and healing it, I am taking a break. I healed alot of the deep stuff. There are moments where I do have triggers that come up but, I have been handling them a little bit better. A sign of healing? An example has been self-image triggers and relationship triggers. That has been on my mind alot lately. Why I do not have successful relationships? I will journal on that later. For now, I shall be lazy.

Working on yourself takes alot of mental work. You have to be aware of your thoughts, aware of your actions and aware of what your triggers that are creating in your energy. And to work on that while not letting outside factors interfere with the inner work. Sometimes, I just want to break from it for a while. Such as today. Not looking forward to revisiting my triggers. I still have old ones that come back up often. Like the ones I mentioned above.

I see it as a challenge to see how I am pushing myself to be better. I have a previous history of given up especially, when I do not get results. God, the Universe know I need this challenge. I still become unmotivated at times. I think it is great to keep me on my inner work goals.

Staying in positive vibes while working on myself is rough on a lazy day. I am choosing right now to not let it keep me in low vibes. That it is okay to have some time doing something else.

A good way to stay motivated is to create a goal(s) for the day. I do not like to do that on a Sunday. Now-a-days, people work 7 days a week however, I like to go back to Monday through Friday as work days. Weekends are for relaxing and removing the mind from work. Or keeping work light.

Who am I kidding, I used to work weekends and had work on my mind all the time but, now that I have free weekends, I am enjoying it! Maybe I am using “the weekend” as an excuse to be lazy. Haha.

Anyway, my goal for today is to keep high vibes. Hindz loves to have his tea to bring him into his vibe session. I will be making some Reishi hot chocolate soon to bring me some good vibes. I made my own almond milk for the first time. It is amazingly easy and it felt great to make something healthy for myself. That will be put into good use with my hot chocolate.

Just a simple day and a simple evening creating a simply good vibe. Have a great evening or great day!

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