Journey to the Self

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Limiting beliefs limit manifesting. It limits anything you want to do in life.

This is the importance of a self-journey before manifesting. It is to help you discover your strength so you can raise your vibrational power.

My largest limiting belief was fear for a past few years. I was in a fear based mentality when I was with my friends. My friends created anxiety in my world and a world of lack. This blocked me from going into myself and searching for who I am and what I can be.

Eliminate your limiting beliefs of who you think you are. Start with a clean slate.

If you are the type to begin digging into yourself from the beginning. Start with the early memories of childhood. Spirituality talks about inner child healing. Get in touch with your inner child. Write a letter to your child self.

You can also journal about your defining moments in your younger years.

First time riding a bike or learning a sport.

First Prom.

First boyfriend/girlfriend.

First day of junior high school or high school.

What were the best memory of that defining moment?

What was the the worst?

Did it form any beliefs in your life?

For example, my first prom was sixth grade which I didn’t want to go to. It was a small school and I do not know how to dance. People laughed at me because I didn’t fit in and to dance would be mortifying. During the dance, there was this weird kid in school whom I discovered had a crush on me. He tried to impress me there and I was appalled. People laughed.

1st limiting belief: People’s opinion defined my actions. It carried on throughout my life.

2nd limiting belief: The weird kid made me believe I will always attract weird oddballs my whole life. I ended up with odd relationships and eventually gave up dating.

Seriously, I believed this.

Over one kid!

Journaling has been my favorite way to organize my thoughts and see where my progress is going. My normal practice of journaling is writing to release my emotions and to let go of thoughts in my head. Starting this year, I will be going over my journals. I have a fear of going into my journals because I never liked facing my past. This is the year to break it.

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