A wonderful quote

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

I love quotes. If it’s not affirmations I am reading it is reading inspiring quotes. To push myself out the door on a good day for a nice walk to move my body, I listen to YouTube motivational videos. That music moves me!

The quote I read that inspired this post is, “Everything You do now is for your future”. The author is unknown but it is so powerful! I am working on improving myself and change takes time and repetition.

My opportunities to change at the moment is a little limited since I am mostly home bound still in my own kind of quarantine. However, when I get a chance to get out the house whether it is to go for a walk or to grab groceries at the supermarket at my local area, I use it as a chance to practice my new rules.

Some of them are:

  • Do not be rude to a stranger even if they are rude first
  • Practice positivity and expect positivity. Mentally keeping that focus is important. You are connecting with strangers and everyone acts differently. Getting positive results around strangers comes from how you open up to others. Sometimes I forget this when I do not wake up earlier in my day and mentally “prep” for my day. I do not practice a daily morning routine but, even on a simple day a basic morning routine is excellent just to tackle walking around a busy neighborhood. I woke up later today and felt my own negativity today. I just wasn’t prepared for my day.
  • Walk around with energy. It brightens my energy and people respond to me positively.
  • Practice having less processed foods for better energy and drink more water.

Changing small things can be a challenge. But I am working on it. And the more I accomplish the more goals I can set for myself. This is all workings towards a better me. My better self. This is a great time for me to do this. I don’t get practice enough but I like the pace I am at. I get to be more mindful of my thoughts which tells me where I am with my growth.

For example, I would take on the opinion of others in the past instead of listening to my own. Instead of automatically agreeing with others so, I do not risk an argument, I now have time to think, “is this what I feel too? Or am I agreeing because I should?

Which concludes my list above with being mindful. Being aware of my thoughts and making sure I am living my truth. My true self. Not what I should be to fit in or to impress a guy or a group of people.

“Everything you do today is for your future.” Is such a wonderful quote so I thought I write about it.

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