What to do when you don’t have it in you to be positive?

Photo by ROMAN ODINTSOV on Pexels.com

I’ve been watching pink panther on YouTube. Amazing time when I was growing up. The younger generation may disagree with how things were without internet and telephones were landlines not cellphones you carry around in your pocket. 

Television used to be free. You didn’t have to pay for the fox channel or the CW formerly the WB. 

I don’t even think the younger generation knows what a disk drive is. Gosh. Such simple times. I get nostolgia these days. When I was a kid I wanted to grow up and experience a wonderful grown up life. Now that I am grown up, I want to go back to my childhood. It wasn’t the best but summers were spent out doors and I had block parties with the neighborhood kids. Roller skating and biking with your friends or neighborhood kids was a thing. It was fun minus the gossiping. Kids loved to gossip about one another even back in those days. I never understood it. Most likely because I used to be that weird quiet girl in school. No one connected with me because I was the only Asian girl. So I had sympathy for others that were picked on. 

Anyway, enough rambling. I will most likely be those “back in the day….” old ladies in my future telling stories about how things were.

Back to the present: There are presssures around me to be a certain way. To have a successful career even during covid. To be married and have a lovely family of my own.  To have my own place. I want all of that!! However, I am going at my own pace. It’s a slow one.

Photo by Daniel Torobekov on Pexels.com

Yet, the pressure to do these things is getting to me. 

One reason could be my mother has been trying to convince me for years to go into an arranged marriage in another country! Absolutely not!!!
My parents have their own way of thinking when it comes to normal.

How can I stay positive? 

Have faith that things will work out.

I am repeating this in my brain. Any rejection is God’s protection. 

I am not even sure where my rejections are taking me. I am going to take it one day at a time.

Staying hopeful can be hard in these times. The news reports unemployment yet I am surrounded by people who have employment. I have to stay positive. For one thing that is good news. My family is provided for. 

I have been trying out recipes and staying positive with healthy eating. I still treat myself to pizza, chocolate chip pancakes and different take-out foods to make my taste buds happy. 

I am mindful so once negativity hits, I turn it around and do something positive. 

Being grateful- is a way to be happy. Writing them down in a daily journal which I do attempt. I have a journal specifically for gratitude.

Some things I am currently grateful for:

I am grateful to have another chance at bettering my life. 

I am grateful for being provided for. 

I am grateful to have access to plenty of foods so I do not go hungry! There are those that are struggling.

I am grateful for a warm cozy bed with heat and electricity provided. 

Continuously seeking motivation is my current task. I set a list of goals of the day which is currently short. But, it helps to create a more structured day! 

Complete household tasks to get your mind off the negative thinking:


Organizing something you have been meaning to organize. Organize a closet. If it’s already done last year because of covid I am sure there are places you can revisit. Staying organized is a constant thing. It’s a lifestyle! 

Decluttering- my favorite. My tiny pantry has been overstuffed with ingredients I bought recently for baking recipes so, I will be organizing that. A limited space keeps my items in check so I do not overcrowd my space!

If you are creative a DIY project would be fun. I have a pallet in the yard that is weathered. I have been wanting to repurpose it.

Another thing to help bring good vibes is writing about my ideal day. It is a part of manifesting but it doesn’t have to be just for that although, it doesn’t hurt. Why not manifest? You can use it to uplift and see a better future! That’s a great way to cheer up! When you are down, there only one other way to go and that is up! 

Watching something positive for a short period of time. To get the mind busy. A pre-recorded comedy show maybe. Those are fun to watch. 

Meditation and affirmations are always key to uplift! This will be automatic to any how-to post I write! 

The last thing that is automatic is taking action. I’m at a point in life where staying negative is uncomfortable! I used to victimize myself, and go on and on about the same negative thing. Anyone who talks to me I would discuss my negative thing and repeat it in my head. Negative, negative, negative! Now, I prefer to do something about it. Negativity only hurts and not help. A change is in order. 

Have fun being positive! Lots of love here! Thank you for reading my post!

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