My simple manifesting taught me something about well, manifesting

Be your best before you manifest: A simple thing I manifested that I realized later: I am writing post after post for the last couple days and I love it! I have these ideas and I am excited to write these posts. Here goes:

A couple years ago, I deleted an image of a female reading on her big queen sized bed. I was manifesting with this image and had no idea. I have been wanting a bigger bed for so long. I love the space and freedom I feel with a larger bed. I feel mentally I have “outgrown” a small single bed. In the physical not really because I am short.

Some things are easier to manifest and some things take more dedication, internal work, goals and actions. 

I created a vision board on my phone and kept photos of things I wanted in my photos album. One of  them was an Asian female reading a book on her comfy and cozy queen size bed! She looked so relaxed and “in the moment”. 

I didn’t even realize it but last year I decided to upgrade some furniture since I cleared out 50% of what I owned. I decluttered so much and downsized! I already live in a limited space however, I don’t want to be trapped with things all around me. I wanted to be clutter free and surrounded by things I love and know will use time and time again until I am ready to let it go. That was the reason for my declutter. Another reason was to release the old. I released toxic people from my life and wanted to reflect that in the items I owned in my space. 

Moving along, towards the end of the year I ordered a full sized bed which is close to a queen sized bed. I got a foam mattress which feels like a cloud with a topper. If only I still had the image of that bed so I can compare it to the bed I have now. My bed looks similar to the picture I had on my phone.

What I did when I had the photo in my phone:

Years ago maybe a couple years ago. I kept looking at this photo daydreaming about a means to buy a bed to look like the photo. Years ago I was in a state of lack because I gave away my power to manipulative friends. That photo made me happy. I imagined how happy I would be if I was the girl in the photo reading mindlessly and peacefully. 

I looked at it constantly to remind myself what I wanted. Especially that feeling of tranquility. I was looking to manifest money but that bed was something I liked looking at. It felt so calming every time I looked at it. “One day I will have this bed”. 

I didn’t stress about having the bed. It was what I wanted but, at the time I was aware that maybe one day, somewhere in the future, I can have it but not then. I acknowledged that and released my thoughts to the Universe and never thought about it again. 

In fact, one day I deleted it off my phone. I was thinking. It’s a couple of years now, is time to let it go. I completely released it and didn’t double think. I did constantly think about what I wanted which was a nice bed. I had no idea I was manifesting it. 

This was a simple and easy thing to bring to life. Although, it took maybe 2-3 years to achieve. I supposed its a surprise from the Universe for releasing toxic people out of my life. Besides that, it is something I love currently. 

This was a simple thing to manifest but it is possible. The other things I look for is still on the way to me. But, it takes time and effort. 

Patience is one. Sometimes what you want doesn’t come right away. There is a lesson you must learn or something you have to do before you achieve something even as simple as a purchase. For me this was a change in my life before having this new thing came in. The change was releasing the people that do not belong in my life anymore.

Believing you can achieve it. I didn’t think I was going to buy the bed. Or ever change the layout of my room. I didn’t stress having the bed. I just felt the good feeling it would be to have this bed. Two years ago, I didn’t know my space would change. My bedroom appears so different than what it was a year ago. I cleared out so much and now I have defined sections of my bedroom. I have a bed. I have a dresser side. I have a work side where I have a small table by the window. Before my space was one big mess with a bed being on one side!

Some events have to take place before your goal is realized! Covid happened. Lockdown made me realize what I wanted in my life so I released toxic friendships happened. Pain and inner self-journey started.

And then there is action. Without action your manifesting is only a fantasy. Last year, I was able to take action, clear out my space and then get new furniture. It took a month to plan my decluttering. I had so much stuff which I didn’t realized until I bagged them all up. And then the redecorating happened afterwards which was satisfying. It didn’t happen all at once. It was a process but sooooooo satisfying!


What do you want to manifest? Do you have a vision? 

Work on your vision. Believe it but do not stress yourself in having it. Good things do not come quickly. Something in you must shift before you can have that thing you want the most. The larger the goal the bigger the shift must be. There is something you have to realize in yourself. The realization is easier for some and harder for others. Regardless, be your best before you manifest! Clear out the old, outdated you and be your best self! Understand what you are looking for in your life. Narrow it down and focus on it. It will take time to get there. The Universe will do the rest.

Patience. The bigger your dream and longer you have to wait. Your vibes must match your manifesting dream. Sometimes that means changing not something in yourself but something outside of yourself. For me, manifesting this bed was removing toxic people to free my time to create a space for myself that I adore so much! It took me years to manage to do it. But when I did, the shift happened. 

Don’t forget to take action. Write down your goals but do the work to realize them! Otherwise they will stay as dreams! You do not have to stress. If you do not know what you have to do to realize your dream manifestation, sometimes you have to release and trust the Universe. 

Create goals and work on them to achieve your dream. Let the Universe do the rest! And one day it will happen. It will most likely hit you when you least expect it because you are busy working on your goal. You do not realize things are shifting and happening to suit your manifestation! So, do not give up. 

Stressing when you are trying to vibrate higher is creating a belief that manifesting is hard. So have fun! If you are into it do a guided heart meditation! Good feelings from the heart will instantly shift you higher. 


Sure, I manifested a small goal which is an item. Easy to get. But it wasn’t for me a couple years ago. I didn’t even know how it was going to happen and during Covid at that. It just happened. It took 2 major events in order for me to have this goal. Covid and an awakening during lockdown where I released toxic friends. I released the old that no longer suited my life and new came into my life. I’m still waiting on my bigger goals to appear in my life. But the big manifestations must be more amazing and more satisfying! Maybe I have more things to release or more things to realize about myself. I don’t know but what I do know is that sometimes the best is for last right? 

There will always be bad things going on but the main thing is to see the light in the world and not the dark. Overcome the negativity. 

With love,

D @BeforeYouManifest

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