Worried of the unknown

Photo by Gelatin on Pexels.com

So many people can relate to the title here. So much has happened since March 2020. Things has changed and so much more uncertainty is happening.

To comfort myself I am listening to older music I used to admire from the 90s. Its the only thing I know is to go back to a time that I know was familiar and safer. I know the outcome of things. Not my favorite of memories, but I have so much nostalgia for it.

My roommate shares his home between Philly and New York. He came back earlier this week. He came early in the day which was unusual but, I started preparing myself for it once I heard his footsteps. I do not have a fondness for him because he is an extreme hoarder. If there is a space he will collect and put something in that open space as if to fill a hole but, there is no hole. Me, being the roommate had to endure that. It was hard to accept that. I was learning to accept many things but, this was tough. I always have been an organized person even as a child. I used to use spare time just to keep my things organized in the tiny space I had.

Anyhow, I digress, my roommate started moving things out. I later find out, he has suddenly fallen ill. He has always been fine and out of nowhere, he is mysteriously ill and needs to be checked out. He was packing the things he needed to go back to Philly. If things make a bad turn, well, the things he left behind will be garbage.

It kind of makes you think how, things can just happen out of nowhere when you least expect it. He was a homebody and collected and collected. He also had odd habits and lived alone. It made me think about my life.

Things are uncertain and you never know one day you can just go. No warning, you just go.

I have been reflecting on my life and what I can do to have a more enriched life.

Worrying about tomorrow is not the answer. The answer is being in the now. Being in the present. Experiencing the sounds, the sights, the tastes, and the scents is all that matters right now.

I am at this stage of silence. Things are not going anywhere for me. I am at this quiet stage of growing. Of course, I do not see where it will lead at this point which is why sometimes I worry. So, I will listen to my intuition and let it lead. Sometimes allowing the Universe guide you is the best thing when things are not heading anywhere. Change happens all the time. Its how you handle it.

And then there is positivity. At present, I am focusing on a good vibe with music that sounds good. This is what I can do with my present.

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.”

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