Kindness is contagious

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This title is inspired by my daily planner. It has the words “Kindness is contagious”. It certainly is.

I am helping my former roommate remove his things out of his old room. They are going into the trash. My dad gave me a wonderful idea of leaving it in front of the house for people to take it home if they wish. My roommate is an extreme hoarder and alot of his items were brand new. Untouched. So, my dad’s lovely idea was fantastic for the neighborhood. I was going to donate the items to a Salvation Army. This was a better idea. I ended up getting rid of so much of his unused brand new items such as pans, kitchen items, curtains, unworn sneakers, movies and et cetera. It felt good because it was a giveaway. I have so much to get rid of.

I forgot that helping others doesn’t have to be volunteering to directly assist others. You can just give away things if you do not need them free of charge to anyone who has use for the items. The items have a brand new home. It hurts me to throw away things and let it rot in the landfill when people can use them.

I took a break from cleaning the room today and went for a walk. Amazingly I had a lot of kindness around me today. It was beautiful energy. And it actually brought to tears a little bit. The most surprising one was a kid on his bike saying, “Good Afternoon” with a smile on his young face. I was touched by that. The kids in my neighborhood are usually rude or mean. This kind young man touched my heart. Unfortunately, I was so caught off guard I just stared at him as I walked past.

I hope he continues to spread his simple kindness to others. And I have to learn to accept kindness from others. I am used to rude behaviors and negativity from others. Kindness goes both ways. This young man reminded me of that today.

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