Observation and the Power of Silence

Photo by Ricky Terrance on Pexels.com

I went for a walk today and it was gorgeous outside with the amazing weather. 

Usually when I walk I get thoughts of some kind of inspiration but today it is only silence. I guess sometimes it’s best to just quiet the mind for a short while and let it recharge.

My mind has been intensely negative for a couple of weeks. It was a nice way to quiet myself for a short time. My mind needs a reset so I can go back to positive. I feel better. With being under the sun and the beautiful green leaves freshly sprung out of the spring season. 

The silence sort of reminds me of my life right now. Just nothing going on. If there are changes it is slightly subtle. And then nothing. 

I am trying to stay in the mindset that where I am is exactly where I need to be. Just like the new booming leaves of the trees something is booming in my life and something new will arrive. 

I also spent some time sitting on the grass having a short picnic alone. The alone time is just very nice. Especially, when you live in a now congested neighborhood and look for peace and quiet.

Spending time alone just made me realize I have to be patient and wait for the right opportunities to arrive.

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