Junk Removal

This is an unrelated post to manifesting but just an update on what I’ve been doing.

Removing a hoarders junk can take a toll on you. I can’t imagine the inside of the mind of a hoarder. What thoughts that give them the urge to collect and to collect to a level of extreme. What makes them think it is okay to collect to the point where you are unable to walk in your own space!

In a previous post, I posted about clearing out my roommates room. My mind has gone to a dark place just pondering when I clear my old roommates space! So much junk it was depressing. And to think how this can be damaging to the Earth! More stuff for sitting in a landfill!

I live in a place where things are easily accessible. It is possible to purchase cheap items easily. Discount stores are available at your convenience! And if you have the means, it is easy for a hoarder to collect.

I am traumatized yet excited to see an empty space finally. It took about 1. 5 months to clear it out! The department of sanitation most likely think our house is crazy for dumping so much! How else do we get rid of all this clutter without paying a junk collection company?

I now have a newfound respect for those working as a junk remover and organizer. It is a lot of work! The labor is hard and to think of what is garbage? What is recyclable? What is good enough to give away? It was stressful!

I am someone who prefers a green planet and is now leaning towards a minimalist lifestyle and this was hard of me mentally. It gave me anxiety and it perplexed me how hoarding can comfort someone. It would be ideal if companies and manufacturers would stop mass producing to the point where people can stop hoarding.

My roommate had things piled up to the ceiling! Things were tightly packed in a space and within a space. He purchased sauces that he never used and piled it up. Things were expired. Piles of magazines. Piles of DVDs and movies. Music. Piles of electronics. Piles of old clothing. Receipts he never threw out. Piles of dishes. Piles of housewares. Mail he never threw out. I am unsure how he made it fit into one room but he made it fit into one room!

Now the room is just how it should be when he moved out, empty! There’s stuff to get rid of but the last things will take more time to remove! It’s a process when you are removing clutter without paying a company to do it for you. But it is very satisfying when you see the above picture!

Keeping a space organized and neat is a lifestyle and practice! It is a constant task to do in order to have a space organized and clean! Sometimes I do get lazy and let mail collect or packaging from deliveries collect but eventually, I dump it. Living minimalist is something I definitely prefer! Especially after seeing a true extreme hoarder with my own eyes!

I grew up with hoarder parents which grew my organizing personality! “Stuff” gives me anxiety and I can’t focus on doing tasks unless I am in an organized environment. My parents would keep old electronics and old hardware just because there is “space”. I do not agree to that. My parents have a second reffrigerator just because it works! It is only bulk in the house. They only use one refrigerator! I can never understand keeping things. Style is constantly changing. And technology is constantly changing. Those things are no longer necessary. I understand bulk items or keeping certain things around the house if you need them. But 5 sets of tools are not necessary! It is excess and just ridiculous.

I like the practice of feng shui where you toss the old and invite new energy. A flow of abundance and positivity to come into the home. Keeping a space constantly decluttered brings consistent positive energy!

I am trying to accept it what I can’t change. Some people will not change or agree to my ideas. But, I can change my own habits and keep happy within my own space and sanctuary. That is the best I can do!

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