A walk in nature losing myself in thought

How could I get lost in thought with such beautiful scenery! Yet I do. So easily.

Lost in where I should be in life. Comparing myself to my sibling. Where I should be according to my age. How my family think I should be in life.  Thinking about all the achievements I should be able to attain by now. 

Comparison doesn’t do much but keep my mind in lack. This is where my mind is. I am letting myself process these thoughts. I am kindly letting myself think it and feel it. 

Soon, I will have to go back and build myself up again. Keeping my mind in a positive mindset. 

I have to learn to be happy being me. The me that is right now.

I do have a map that is being drawn out for my future but it is a slow one. With lots of uncertainty. That is the fun part about life isn’t it? If only life had road signs and signals to tell you where to go and when to slow down. I guess life would be boring. No obstacles. Just a simple path with clear signs where to go. Maybe a little mystery is a good thing.

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