Reminding myself to keep my vibes up

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I am unsure why but, when I saw this image, I had that song from those old folders commercials. “A great part of waking up is folgers in a cup”. I think that is how the lyric goes.

I am cheesy. I know.

Why is it that it is easier for some to be positive? Maybe because there is something in the thought of the question that is negative in itself? It is the mind that holds the power to set the tone of your mindset. Don’t do it to yourself and be negative. You can choose to be positive or negative.

This is something I am reminding myself today.

Earlier in the day, I was feeling negative again. Sure, automatically, I feel sad or negative for certain reasons. I shouldn’t stay in this mindset.

How to be happy today: (And repeat it for the next day. Why not?)

-A delicious cup of coffee or tea to start the day. I have been trying to decrease my caffeine intake yet, it only makes me crave it stronger. So, I am allowing myself to have it.

– A walk/Exercise- I took my usual walk outside. It has been hot the last couple days. I took my walk anyway. It beats brooding at home. I did a 15 minute walk. It is so meditative for me because I hear the birds sing in the trees. Staying in the shade helps me stay out there longer. I do have the time to do that right now. I am trying to enjoy every minute of it while I still can.

-Affirmations- While I took my walk I repeated affirmations until I felt better. It helps me shift out of the sad mindset. I try not to have my phone out during my walks but, its hard to keep it away. I had it out and looked up affirmations to repeat while savoring every moment in nature.

-Manifest and stay motivated- At the park, I wrote in my manifestation journal. Yes, I have a manifestation journal. It is something I started for this year to keep myself motivated. Who knows? Maybe one of my manifestations will come to life. I’ve seen some things I manifested come to life already. It is always when you least expect it. It is the best thing being surprised by the Universe!!

– Meditation- Simple easy meditation can just be to look at the trees and focus on the breath. Even if its 5 minutes, it rejuvenates the mind. Being in the moment. Not letting your thoughts run. Tune it out. Let it go. Still working on the letting go.

-Hydration- Since summer is almost here, extra water. Especially, a delicious cup of cold water on a hot day. Just freshens the mind!

Have a fantastic day!

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