Random thoughts

Photo by Diana Agapova on Pexels.com

I do not have a title for this post but, I will talk about two things: Covid’s ending and clothing donations.

Covid feels over where I live in NYC. I see people in my neighborhood who do not follow social distancing/masking or act like I’m crazy if I give them some feet of space to walk. My neighborhood is full of life. The boulevard in my neighborhood is so full of cars, its like a full highway but inside one of the five boroughs.

Yesterday, I went to the park around 2:00pm and couldn’t get away from the loud noise from cars honking, loud engines(people in NYC like to install loud engines that spit fire or sound like motocycles-don’t ask me why), music blasting from multiple cars with windows rolled down. A dozen loud delivery trucks. I couldn’t get away from it. It was a bit of a shock since I am used to the calm and quiet from Covid. It was an active day yesterday. NYC is definitely making its way back to its full capacity of filled streets with social distancing. At times I have forgotten how full the city is. And the fullness is spilling into the boroughs outside of Manhattan. I guess I have to start getting used to that. Currently, I do not have a plan to branch out to a slower town/county. One day, I will.

I will miss the slower life. People are always in a mad rush. Anxious. Paranoid. A slower life would remedy all that.

Now onto the next topic.

I visited the Salvation Army recently by where I live and to my surprise it is full! I found articles online about people cleaning house and donating their unwanted goods to charity stores. The stores are all packed and full of stuff. Piles of stuff. So, it is not just me. Wanting to clean out my home and keeping my home “minimal” in a livable way. I am not achieving a blank home with just furniture like you see in minimalist images online. Just owning less things.

It has been wonderful since I donated 50% of what I owned last year. It is less maintenance. I clean easier and I have less stuff to pick up off the floor. I used to throw my things all over the floor because I had no spot to put things. Now, my “stuff” have a countertop or a drawer for it to belong to.

I am not going to lie and deny purchasing. I have been summer updating which put me in a materialist obsession again. This time, I am thinking about what I do need versus what I want. For me, it has been alot of thinking. What to buy and not to buy. Okay—lie, I bought a couple things out of impulse. I still have my old shopaholic/impulse buyer in me.

The minimalist articles made it seem simple. Buy it if you need to and do not buy if you don’t really need it. If you have a impulsiveness in you, it makes it hard. Not as simple as buy or not to buy. I still have the “Well, maybe I will need it mentality”.

I recently bought extra pants than I really need. I can always donate something but, after looking inside the Salvation Army, I am not sure when my stuff will be purchased. And they toss things they can’t sell eventually. To put it simply, there is more stuff than actual selling. Some of the items are so outdated, I am not sure if it will sell.

I am sure people will be like me, always looking to update and wear the latest trends. I hope people will buy less and use what we have. Sometimes, people donate their extra home items in mint condition. Buying second hand is fantastic way to not throwing away things.

I have decided to try thredup.com recently and am very pleased. Although, I am not great at measuring myself yet. Thrifting is a great way to reuse items people do not want. Especially, when they are new with tags at a lower price. And hopefully, reduce unwanted stuff out of landfills. Thred Up is also a great way to reduce the use of water in creating a new clothing piece. I never knew how much water goes into making clothing. Actually, I never thought about the creating processes. Things get created and it is never seen. People just go to the store and purchase.

With news about water shortages especially in the west coast, I would love it if more people came together and reduced the use of water. Last weekend, I saw a man wash his huge car with a power washer. That actually hurt alot. What is wrong with bucket of water, sponge, soap and the old fashioned water hose? I love fresh water and will be very sad once fresh drinking water becomes hard to find.

I’ve been also into recycled items versus a brand new as you can see. Just want to create a more green lifestyle so future generations can live a beautiful Earth as we see it today. Appreciating Earth has lead my purchases to be more conscious about the plastics I am buying, the trees, the food waste and so on. I am not perfect yet, since I live in an area where plastic is everywhere. Slowly there are green options. The cheaper option is preferred especially with price hikes on food. Hopefully, there will be more affordable green items to buy in the future as green jobs are more in demand. That is just ideal.

Thanks for reading my random thoughts.

Photo by Stijn Dijkstra on Pexels.com

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