Grateful for My Brother

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Over the last few years. The role of my little brother has changed and he became my big brother. He has grown onto his own. He is an interesting person. While I depended on my emotions and wrecked my life following anger, he followed his own path of doing better for himself. He searched for ways to better his life not by emotion but by determination and willpower. He doesn’t believe in luck, he believes in proactive solutions to issues. 

Just a brief overview of My parents they were toxic and they were terrible parents. Fulfilling their own American dreams as immigrants from another country and raising their kids. To be a bit harsh, my mom sort of treated my brother and I like chicken hens in a farm. Letting us roam free and hopefully we provide successful eggs for profit. No emotional attachment. Be free. Go to school and become the best you can be. Although, my parents added toxic environment to that. Constant fighting. My father had an angry temper and bullied her daily. Yet she loved him. And threw all her anger at me. And when he could get away he went on “vacations with his friends”. Who knows what he did on his “vacations”. 

Present day, my brother has sort of manifested without realizing he did. He created a life from what he believed he can create for himself. 

My life has been slow going. The news reports unemployment is high yet my neighbors, family and family friends all have jobs except for me. I appear to be not working on myself according to my family even though I try my best. Of course even during covid, being jobless still means your not trying hard enough to people. Yet, I have to overcome these judgements. 

I work on my manifestations. And when I see the opportunity I try and use them. Does it work out? Well, if I continue to try maybe I can get somewhere soon enough. 

My little brother has become the older one, who provides a great example of creating the life you want the way you envision it. It may not be the best life but, through constant proactive actions, you can get to another level. 

Must keep going. 

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