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I have nothing but time to move as slow as I need to. To ponder and self-reflect although my reflection is not going anywhere. I used to work fast jobs where being fast drained me. Why did I work so hard at being fast I am not sure. Maybe I wanted to prove that I am worthy of any position I had. I’ve always had a tough time finding positions. Sometimes, I am lucky. And there were times that I was not.

Currently, I am still able to move at my own speed according to my own schedule. I am grateful for that. Being bored is a privilege because a lot of people can’t afford that!

With storms and high humidity, I do lay low on some days and when the weather permits I like to roam around and go to nature. It makes great exercise. To be connected. Sometimes, I feel like I am disconnected. The weather is excellent today and I was glad other people felt that way too because my nature walk included some strangers from my neighborhood. That was comforting. Even though, I have my introverted ways it’s nice to be surrounded by people at times.

I got some wonderful photos from the walk minus the elephant picture. I see these every time I go for a walk but it looks different when I capture it on camera at a close up angle. Helps me be more mindful when I become lost in thought during my walks. Even found some fruit trees which amazed me.

I don’t have any creative outcome from my latest self-reflections and it’s more about whether I have grown or not. I am hoping I have. My mentality is still the same. That negativity is so persistent!!

It is hard to be positive at times when you don’t see any rewarding outcomes. But, I will try to look forward to something positive to appear. That is the best I have right now.

quote from Pinterest:

Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step in your life.” – Unknown author

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