Becoming Motivated with the Power of Positivity

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My journals have been quite a successful way for me to change my mindset. I am currently making it a daily practice. My negative mindset does pop back up. It’s always going to be there as I realize this daily. Everyday, I can think something negative easy however, with the journal exercises, I am learning to think a positive thought in replacement. This is exciting progress for me here. I am someone who has been so hard on herself all my life. This is quite a change!

The positive affirmations has made me realize do I want to continue repeating negative things about myself and have thoughts based on my past experiences or do I want to create a new story for myself? I decided I do want to create a new story for myself. The positive affirmations is a excellent assistant to start this new story.

I still have the anxiety and worry that comes with negativity of course, as I mentioned in the above paragraph. But, the improvements in a few weeks just make me push more towards completing my goals. My current goals are the results of this positive thought process which I will explain later.

So, continuing my affirmations and gratitude is a must for me. My external environment may not change dramatically right now. Nor, will it change to the way I would like it to be. However, I am looking forward to the changes coming to me as I do these exercises daily. I’ve been having a different attitude even with the negativity. It is more 50% positivity as I used to have 20% positivity.

My current life is still met with some difficulties but, I am so motivated to push through it. I am seeing it more as a challenge to solve problems as situations arise during my day.

My old way was to let the situation ride out and not think too hard about it. This response well, didn’t work out. I am motivated to find a different way to getting what I need. Instead of seeing blocks, I am motivated to push past this belief. Instead of seeing a brick wall, I am changing my mindset and looking at it as an adjustable wall partition that can be moved to create room for something else. Therefore, my wall is no longer intimidating. That was probably not the best analogy but, I hope it is understandable.

Positivity is a motivator. Any blocks you are currently going through, think of it as there’s always another way. See past the limitation.

I feel like I am still at the beginning of a journey. Lots of tough things going on in this world. I am going to get through it as best as I can. Building a positive story instead of continuing on the road of negativity is a great direction towards progress. Being positive within my own mindset and creating that inner peace is so comforting. And it makes me seek out more. To progress….

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