Ready for the next level but not ready for the challenges. 


It’s been a time of opportunity for me. I feel blessed yet so, bombarded with obstacles. There are some things in my life I still have to face. These are coming up as challenges. I am not an influencer so like most people I have to live a regular life working a regular job. Do I feel fulfilled? No.

What are my challenges? I have manifested job opportunities and is currently pursuing a bachelors degree. How am I still at my age and not sure where I want to take my life? I haven’t found my “gift” in life. I been listening to Steve Harvey motivational videos on YouTube. He has great points. How life is hard and it is up to you to push through your challenges and learn your gift in life. You are born to be a gift in life. But it is up to you to find what that means. Well, I haven’t found it. I am still searching. Maybe my gift is in front of me and I am just blind to it? 

I tried retail for a bit last month(September) which I’ve done before but I didn’t feel it was right for me. I left that position. 

I found a new position just last week. Actually, I went in for an interview on Monday and I ended up working that same day for my current employer. Is that a sign that this position was meant for me? Well this job did come easier than the previous one I just left. The retail position was harder. There was so many red flags for me. So under pressure from the job, I quit abruptly. Not a grateful way to show an employer appreciation for hiring me. Now a days it’s a blessing for me. I’ve been down on my luck with that. 

Some things happened too besides pressure at the job. My mom had a horrible accident in which she almost died. Thank god for my dad and the EMT! They got to my mom in time! That was quite an event that added to me quitting. It just happened unexpectedly. 

These challenges were not what I thought would happen to me. But they did. 

I am still going through tough challenges. But I guess this is how you are pushed to the next level. Comfort equals staying the same. Discomfort means change. Why does change have to be so uncomfortable? I am still wondering what is the lesson for me? 

During covid I was in such a peaceful state. and now back into the work force during covid times; I am in such an unpleasant place. So much uncertainty. What is the lesson here for me? I will be pondering this for a while until I see where my current situation will lead me to. 

This morning walking to work from the train station, I passed by a hobo with a sign that says, ” Smile. It coulda been worse”. Indeed! I am hanging in there. I hope you are too! 

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