Return to positivity

Back to my affirmations journals

The weather is gorgeous outside. It is nearly 70 degrees today! It is just about to be 11:00am and its gorgeous! The weather has been showing its early winter self by going down to the 40s and it has been depressing since daylight savings. I do not like the summer heat but I do enjoy the long, warm days! It is nice to have a sunny warm day again! Enjoy a nice cup of coffee outside!

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This day has reminded me to go back to my affirmations. My emotions have dipped extremenly low due to the job failures I had. I am looking up now and want to bring my mindset back to positive. It is time to correct my internal talk.

The mind constantly goes back to negativity and worries. This thinking does weigh you down and wastes energy. So, things can be better if I change my mindset.

A blogger reminded me of Dr. Wayne Dyer’s work. He teaches the power of the mind. The way you think will bring what you expect in life. If you expect the worst out of a situation so, it will be. If you expect the best out of a situation so, it will be. I forget this teaching and it was nice to revisit Dr. Dyer’s work through youtube videos of his lectures. The lectures are crazy long but, there are short ones there.

A blogger also reminded me to return to affirmations. I have started my journals as mentioned in a previous post but neglected it for about two months.

See previous post about my journals:

I started these journals because my mind is intensely negative and needs to see repetition to replace my automatic thoughts. There are people who can study for an exam by just repeating to themselves out loud. Then, there are others who need to write it down 50 times in order to have something memorized. My studying style is more like this.

It will hurt your hand haha but, writing down an affirmation 50 times work out for me. My mind has a hard time believing in something good for myself.

I must replace my thoughts with better in a workbook. Once my mind gets into a positive state, I continue to work on it to keep myself there even through worries.

You’re worries will always be there.

It is just seeing that the best outcome will happen which is the purpose of the exercise. It is amazing how things work out with thoughts of positivity and letting go.

In addition, I have a coping mechanism for my negative emotions which is shopping and decluttering. These do not go together! I am working on adjusting myself. I’m a work in progress. I am constantly editing things in my life and trying to be “better”. I think it adds to my negativity. I should get a hobby once I avoid laziness.

Anyway, off I go to self-improve myself. Enjoy this beautiful day!

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