Good signs from the Universe

My life is not exactly put together but, something I am doing is working well. 

In the afternoon, I decided to go out for some light grocery shopping. I just wanted some fresh fruits to add to my day. As I leave the house, I feel the beauty of the day and almost walk past a stack of cash on the ground two houses away from my home. I pick it up! 

It is perfect! It’s just amazing timing! I didn’t even look at the cash. I just took it with me to the grocery and at the cashier, I open the rolled stack and there was $14. It’s a beautiful thing because my total came up to just under $13. It’s almost as if the Universe provided it for me and knew the right amount to send me.

I do know magical things happen all the time.   


Is it just my lucky day? Depends on perspective. I like to see it as a sign from the Universe! 

The Universe knows I need a whole lot of miracles. Of course I have to work on myself as I receive these miracles. I do not expect things to be provided for me. In fact, I’ve always had to work harder for something as someone else would have it easier. It is only recently, I decided to change my thought. 

I wanted to train myself to think that life can be easy. 

Coming back from deeply low emotions for two weeks, brought me new found positivity. I am not even sure where I am getting this feeling of hope from. I just tell myself that I can’t give up on myself. I seek better for me because I am worthy of it. I am so fortunate to have more than the less fortunate. I should train myself to be happier. 

There are people in poor countries living with trash sent over from other countries including the one I live in. Yet, they find happiness! That is true wealth! Living within your means and enjoying life. There is only one life! Worry when you need to but, be happy as often as you can!  Beauty in life is how you make it! Artists constantly make beauty out of nothing. So, anyone can train themselves to create a life of happiness. 

I have returned to decluttering. I sadly admit to shopping again since discovering thredup. I decided to edit and remove any excess that I have. I am currently training myself to be happy with what I already own. I constantly go back to thinking a purchase will make me happy. Absolutely not. I have items in my wardrobe now that doesn’t go with the theme I created last year for my clothes. I just wanted to buy it. 

I am relearning to be more thoughtful of what I bring in. 

My anxiety has increased again, so I resort to my old habits to ease myself. It actually does the opposite. I start to have buyers remorse again which is the main reason I originally decided to declutter last year. Upon realizing this, I jumped into editing myself. I have to examine myself. I see that going back to my old habits causes more anxiety. The opposite of what I wanted. It’s a constant thing to keep awareness of your own habits. Is it helping? Or is it hurting?

Going back to decluttering feels great! It feels like some weight lifted off me. I strive to be happy as I am. At this moment, my internal self is incomplete. This is the cause of my unhappiness. 

On the other hand, I continue my hopeful purchases to increase my intention for a job interview. I updated my interview outfit for the just in case moment. I bought a nice work blazer from the thrift store. It fits perfectly! I had to get it. I updated my interview shoes. I am just showing the Universe I am still interested in the right job when the opportunity arrives. 

As I continue to battle my anxiety, I seek ways to change my thinking. I live near green space so, I constantly seek wisdom from the grass and trees. It is fall here and the colors of the leaves are gorgeous. The beauty in nature just redirects my negative focus to something better. It’s not exactly positive but, I shifted my thinking. That is a great start. 

Continue with the good work. Here’s my simple, quick list:

  1. being hopeful
  2. Actions with positive intention
  3. Shifting out of the negative loop
  4. My gratitude and affirmations
  5. Believe that you will be provided for as you seek what you are seeking

Signs from the Universe gives me more motivation to keep on doing what I am doing. 

Believe that all will be okay. Continue with positive actions. This pandemic has created challenges to our modern lives but, we are resilient people! We have survived the Black Plague, the Spanish flu, Ebola, World Wars, etc. Live in love and please ❤️ the beautiful Earth ✌🏻

Thanks for reading! I seek to help others as I help myself. So many people are battling anxiety, stress and worry about their futures. Seek happiness in now. I think this pandemic is an excellent way to slow down and be mindful. People are in a rush to go back to the hussle of everyday modern life. I think many are starting to see our modern lives are not exactly the most comfortable way of life. So much modern life yet we work under so much pressure to have it. We spend more time at work than we do at home. It’s tough changing a mindset but it can be done. Your life is how you see it. If you can change that negative thought, your life will change. This is my aim to begin my day with this thought. 

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