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Before I go on with this post, I just wanted to announce some news that I am now monetizing this site. Not in a big way but I have added Wordads to my posts. I hope they do not become too annoying on this blog. I am trying this out. 

Now onward with the post:

Emotions promote inner turmoil or inner peace. Keeping your emotions in check is super important. In my journey, I realized that being internally peaceful and calm is ideal to creating a harmonious life. Its also a great assistant to manifesting all the good you want in your life.

This has been the most painful part of my life yet, the most life changing part of my life. Learning how to control my emotions.

Controlling emotions doesn’t come easy from someone who was been angry with the world up to the recent past. That’s so many years of anger. 30+ years. Learning how to cope with it takes so much discipline. 

Self-improvement is constant. 

I see the benefits in changing my emotional well-being. Not too long ago, I felt that I wasn’t making much change in myself but then things slowly started shifting for me in my life. Nothing major happening just small enough to make me think, something is changing internally. 

Finally, I realize the what the saying means, “change your thoughts, change your life”. I have been on this path of self- healing and learning how to adjust my inner thinking. Yet, I didn’t see how much it has impacted me as a person. 

Being aware of your thoughts.

First thing is changing thinking and mindset. Become aware of the thoughts your thinking. Your emotions will not calm down unless your mindset adjusts and sees things in a new way. And then emotionally, things will shift as well. 

I never realized I easily I became affected emotionally by things until 2020. I began to meditate. Meditating changed my life.

I am so embarrassed to say I am still a moody person even for my age. I am working on that. 

If I didn’t land a job after an interiew, I can be in a pretty bad mood for some time. I realized not a good thing. I could pass up on an opportunity like when I passed that cute guy on my block trying to get my attention. I ignored him because I was in a “bad” mood. 

Good attitude towards life

Emotions create an attitude which dictates the outlook of how you see life during the day, week, month, et cetera. I have to reframe the negative situation: Losing out on a job could mean there is something better for me. Once I changed that thinking, my emotions will shift and allow me to see the good that can possibly come to me. Therefore, create a good outlook and attitude towards life.

I have been extra interested in positivity and how it affects the mind. Being positive can have an affect on creativity as well. Positivity keeps your mind open to new things which creates resilience and problem-solving. Instead of going, “life sucks. I stink”, I can think, “what’s next for me?” This thinking can lead to so many possibilities. Embrace the challenges. This may not lead to an “aha!” moment immediately but, something will come up and miraculously appear slowly. 

Always when it is least expected. 

I am currently focusing on my emotions to keep my mindset positive. 

Enjoy Meditation

Meditation is a fantastic tool to stay centered. I will admit that my cluttered mind has altered the effectiveness of my recent meditation sessions but, I still go through with it because I can still receive benefits. Hey, I may not be able to shut off all of my sad, negative, or angry thoughts of the day. I can still calm myself down a bit. And my blood pressure too, haha. It makes a difference. 

It’s not necessary to do anything special to be able to receive healing from meditation. Simply find a 10 minute meditation session on YouTube and just breathe with the session. It helps. 

Keeping the bad mind chatter to a minimum.

Anyone who has constant mind chatter knows what I mean. It is hard to tell yourself “shut up“. Your mind will be quiet for a minute and then get right back on it. 

Positive Affirmations to keep down mind chatter

You can use affirmations. I do understand sometimes certain life situations do not allow you to talk nicely to yourself. How can you apply positive affirmations when things get tough? 

Maybe rethink a situation in your mind? Discuss in your mind, what is my fear in this situation? What can I do to reframe my thinking? 

If I lost a job opportunity, what do I fear? Well, it’s almost 2 years now and I may never get a job. I am not likeable.

How can I rethink this? Use gratitude to shift mindset: I have support from my family and a warm home to go to so I do not freeze in 20 degree weather. I can take my time to find the right fitting job for me. 

Reframe the mindset. 

List out all the positives that creates that good feel. Using my job search example:

-I seek a positive work environment with support and growth possibilities

-Good team of people and encouraging management

-Using my talents properly

-a position close to my home so less travel

Photo by Ann poan on Pexels.com

Journal: write it down

I’m a major fan of journaling. I do this everyday. whether it is to dump out my feelings, fears, brainstorming, even dump mindchatter. I write as often as I can and it helps me. My mind feels lighter when I release my thoughts into a journal.

Keep shifting the mindset

Getting used to shifting your mind is so frustrating at first. You are engulfed in emotions that take over your mind and body. To add, this thinking can take a lot of work in the beginning and can even be frustrating. It feels like fighting yourself in your mind sometimes. However, negative emotions are distracting you from balancing the inner self. I have been there. But, keep pushing even if shifting to this new mindset is hard at first. Keep doing it. The end result is how resilient you become after working on this change. Always think, how can I make this situation better? Or what is another way of seeing this situation? 

Change your thinking, change your life! 

Heard this before? It is so true! This new focus will redirect all that mind chatter and especially, the emotions. Getting your feelings into calm is the main event. Once your thinking changes, your emotions follow. At tranquility, feel the flow of good from the Universe! 

Self-help/ Reading/ Grow in Knowledge

And of course, self-improvement is constant. I am consistently trying to listen to lectures on YouTube from the late Dr. Wayne Dyer, Mel Robbins, Tony Robbins, Oprah Winfrey and anyone who inspires you. I currently have a big interest in shifting mentality and emotional intelligence so I have been listening to audio books or lectures on my free time. 

Making time to read and expanding your knowledge is so important. It’s also a tool to help your mind change. You can always refer back to your reading and go, “well, let’s try this technique Mel Robbins wrote in her book. ” 

Heart Nature 

Last but not least, nature walks. Currently, I am comfortable in my warm abode and stay away from the cold weather. Once the weather improves, I will return to my walks. I love them! The deeper the inner turmoil, the longer I walk. I am fortunate enough to live with green space around me so, I take advantage. I actually miss it. Am I becoming addicted to nature walks? 

Photo by Flo Dahm on Pexels.com

Healthy foods

One last last thing I forgot is to eat nutritious foods. Even if you feel guilty from having a donut, eat an apple anyway or choice of fruit. Healthy foods keeps your mind and body running so, you can work on the tough mental stuff. And drink lots of water throughout the day. I love water! 

Anywho, to keep emotions in check:

-Shift thinking, use gratitude to adjust your mindset

-Shifting to a positive mindset opens up to creativity

-Meditate to clear the mind chatter and reduce emotions

-Read, expand knowledge to help shift your thinking 

-Nature walks or any exercise activity that helps you release some of that bad energy

-Eat well! Drink water! 

That is all for now. Until the next post.

Be love. Be light! 

Keep improving! Take care!

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