Stepping Stones

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Life is constantly throwing a problem to solve. The issue is overcoming the challenge. What is overcoming a challenge? 

It is going through it. 




You are constantly finding a solution.

Is this the right way to this?

Or that?

What is the lesson in  this situation I am in? 

And when you think you found an answer, over the challenge a new one arrives. And then back at square one. 

No matter how big or small a challenge,

A challenge is a challenge. 

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Looking forward to more better days! Hoping for the best. When there’s darkness, there is light. 

It is easy to become negative. A challenge will bring opposition to you and all the lessons that built your problem-solving mind. The mind will go to that bad place where all you see is bad outcomes. Or you can try to change that mindset and look forward to the good outcomes.

No matter the struggle, chose to go towards the positive. The Universe will provide the rest! Push through that negative. Tell your negative mind to “shut up!”

2 thoughts on “Stepping Stones”

  1. As someone who is always waiting on the other proverbial shoe to drop, I had to really rework my thinking on things I want. Positive thinking and positive affirmations do help.


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