Keeping an eye on the prize!

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When things are slow going, remembering to keep on even when it is tough! In my early years in life I used to go about life without an aim. I never aimed to achieve anything and things felt empty. Everyone else around me had goals and went for them. I, however, just went with life and hoped it took me to someplace good in life. 

That is not the correct mindset. Do not over stress yourself to achieve something but, aim to get somewhere. Have a plan. If you create a vision for yourself, there must be steps to get there. This will guide you to where your end goal is. 

Right now, I still have uncertainty in my life. I am trying to get by life alone. Now I have some kind of vision for myself. It’s not a lavish lifestyle that I look for but, a happy life. 

One goal towards my big vision for myself is getting a driver’s license. I achieved that on Thursday! At the very beginning of driving, I thought I was never going to get it. I am a slow learner and I was frustrated with myself. But, I finally passed on my second try! I am so proud of myself! I never thought this day would come! 

It’s a small step towards what I envision for myself but it feels good to get something crossed off my list! 

It’s a great feeling and a reminder to not give up even when things do not seem like it is going well. Remember the vision and the goals! And if it’s slow getting to your point, keep going anyway! Remember what you are going after! Don’t give up! 

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