Is it okay to be quiet in life?

Plus a rant about work…..

We are taught to be loud and express our selves to the world. 

I however do not do that. I live life as a quiet person. People do not like that about me. It is true I am hiding in my silence. But, sometimes, it’s just easier to stay quiet. No drama. 

But, I don’t really attract people especially expressive people to me. I have coworkers who dislike me as a person. Actually, ALL of them dislike me. They just each show it to me in their own way. Which is fine. To each’s own, right?

Do I care? Okay, I will be honest, yes I do care. 


Will these peoples thoughts of me improve my life? Will these opinions of me change my life? 

Will these opinions of me improve the world? Will I be a better person by thinking about the number of coworkers that dislike me?  NO! 

During Covid quarantine, life was simpler and quieter. I loved that calm life and miss it actually. Going back to work showed me how much meaner the world is. Or maybe, it always was super mean but, I ignored that. I chose to see life as simple and rosy! These coworkers of mine showed me that bitterness and mean people are going on very strong! 

People love drama, get into fights or cause issues. 

Yet, I still want to get into a healthier work life. This work life is not it! I am trying to live a life true to me! True to me is to be around healthy co-workers that support each other not, ignore each other, pick on each other, or accept toxicity in the work place. I don’t want to hear an arguement between coworkers either. I want to be in a healthy environment. 

Maybe it is just a dream? 

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