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Manifesting troubles

A few months ago, when I first started this position I have now, I thought I landed something amazing. Eventually, my rose-colored glasses cracked then I saw how toxic of a place I was in. In fact, I am lucky because I can tell this company used to be a lot worse. This company has… Continue reading Manifesting troubles

Sunday Morning

Summer feeling morning! I wanted to write about this before. Actually, the day after my last post which was my mother’s day post. Even though I have gone backwards into my negativity, I still see if I have a spark of the law of attraction in me. I happily asked for the Universe for something… Continue reading Sunday Morning

Stepping Stones

Life is constantly throwing a problem to solve. The issue is overcoming the challenge. What is overcoming a challenge?  It is going through it.  Step by Step You are constantly finding a solution. Is this the right way to this? Or that? What is the lesson in  this situation I am in?  And when you think… Continue reading Stepping Stones


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