Limiting Beliefs

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In the last couple weeks, I have time to reflect on the Law of Attraction and my journey. After all, this site is about the Law of Attraction. It’s a journey to manifesting the best life. My best life is my true calling. I haven’t found it yet. Last year was about going through some emotional healing with my past and what it means to be comfortable with myself.

After coming out of that healing, I still have emotions that are not completely healed however, I am better. I am at the point where I can start making some changes into my life.

There are affirmations which I have been using throughout my self-healing journey. I used positive energy frequencies to guide me into the journey. The strength I received from affirmations and energy frequencies lead me to rid of the people who were not aligned to my new journey of healing old wounds and self-discovery. Instead, the people were hurting it. They were blocking me. So, I needed strength to let them go.

In the beginning it was difficult because I felt I needed to be in people’s shadow in order to grow my life. Instead, I let them lead me to the wrong path in life. Removing these people was a necessary step that I achieved. Emotionally, I was hurt for many months because of the betrayal and the lies I was lead to believe. In this hurt, I learned that I needed to figure out my strengths through my weaknesses so, I can lead my life by myself.

This is where I am at this point of my self journey. It is not a comfortable journey because this is something I am doing on my own. I have ups and downs but, I am keeping myself afloat which is rough. I am not going to lie about it. I opt to do this on my own because I need to learn how to rely on myself. I am used to be so unsure of myself and ignore my own opinions. I used to take on the opinions of others. This is a lesson to teach myself how to listen to my inner voice. I think your inner voice is crucial in a self-guided journey. Your higher self and only yourself wants the best for you. Why would you ignore your own voice?

It can be tough with pressures from family and friends to be a certain way and even social media displaying a certain way of life as the ideal way of living. The key to live the ideal life is what makes you comfortable and most of all, happy. This is the importance of a self-journey. What suits you and what makes you happy. You can be rich and still be unhappy. So, true happiness is what makes your soul light up.

So, in that note, I am continuously improving my mental attitude constantly. How does it relate to the law of attraction? Before going on rituals to attract the best life, the foundation of using the Law of Attraction is like attracts like. The good things you seek in life are at a higher vibration and to become that vibration is to match that higher vibration. Mental attitude is key.

A conflict in vibing higher are limiting beliefs. Limiting beliefs stems from past experiences. It can be from childhood. It can be from a previous relationship. It can be from your parents. If you have alot of negative ones like me, these beliefs are hard to remove out of your system. This is my current struggle. I’ve removed alot of my past negativity but, I still have alot of it in my system.

The solution to removing limiting beliefs is to practice being positive. Spring is here so on good weather days, take walks and get the body moving. I instantly vibe higher once I stop sitting around moping about how negative I am.

The body needs water and good nutritious foods to power it so, lots of fruits and veggies. I have been working on this for the past month. I even bought myself a blender to make my own nut milks and smoothies.

I do guided meditations because it assists in visioning your ideal day or an ideal feeling you want to achieve that moment. The better your visualization skills, the better the results.

Sometimes visualizing is a harder thing for me. I love pinterest for this because its a great aid in getting the proper imagery for a vision board. You can use a vision board to practice visualization.

And of course, positive self-talk is a necessary classic. Affirmations will ways be on top of the list when it comes to removing limiting beliefs. I go back to it even when I lead astray from what I call my “positive” training.

So, get positive and vibrate higher. If you fall off the wagon, get back up and start over. No big deal. The idea is to continue the good vibes! Law of Attraction will follow because like attracts like. Enough practice can remove limiting beliefs or make them smaller. If you are like me, the journey is a long one but, a good one. Have good intentions and goals, you will always be motivated!

Happy Journey!

How to start healing yourself

I started my before you manifest site because I learned in order to start manifesting, I have to work on myself. My own limitations blocked myself through out my life from doing things I shouldn’t be afraid to do. My own mind and negative thoughts started from some point in my life and it is up to me to change those thoughts. It is up to me to bring myself to a better point in life. I deserve better. We all deserve better!

I know there are other people out there healing themselves and I want to give back and show others that they are not alone. Remove any thought that limits you from doing your very best in life. We are all capable and creative. We all have intuition that will guide us. Your intuition, your inner voice will say, “I had enough of this kind of life. I am tired of these thoughts.” That should alert you to do something about it.

Become aware of our thoughts

A lot of us operate on auto mode. We go about our busy life and push through the day to get back home to our families. Or for those that are working from home, pushing through to finish work and do something fun. Throughout the day, listen to your thoughts and how you think.

You can be thinking negatively. If you had a meeting that didn’t go well, you will think about it all day because it affects you. It stays on your mind. Learn to be aware of that and shift your focus to something else so, this doesn’t continue to stay on you.

Override negative self talk

We all think it. “I am not good enough. ” “I am not making enough.” “I am ugly.” We all have this inner self talk that is NOT good for us. I lived with this for years. All it did was made me angry. Angry for feeling those things. I believed I was those thoughts I thought about.

Break out of it by shifting your thoughts. Think positive. “I am enough.” “I am going to get a raise.” “I will have opportunities.” “I will find a better job.” “I am loved.”

If you fight yourself in thinking positively, change the wording. For example, a negative thought: I am not loveable. Positive: What if I am loveable?

This can help you shift out of the negative easier.

Most importantly, if it is a recurring issue or trigger. It is best to kick it in the butt and work on it. Eliminate this recurring negative thought. If you can’t eliminate it, minimize it’s power on you. If you have self image issues, it is a tough process but, face yourself. Ignore anyone else. If you feel jealous of another person for whatever reason, acknowledge and then think, “Self. Why am I jealous? She has pretty hair? She looks better than me?”

Then shift your thoughts.

Start taking action. Work on those recurring thoughts. If you have more than one trigger. Work on one at a time because you may have to work on a part of yourself longer. Be a bystander in your thoughts. Let the thoughts pass. (Acknowledging your thoughts help you see what is going on with yourself.)

Then, journal it.

Write down phrases or a sentence if you do not prefer to write a novel. Phrases that will remind you of a trigger. For example, a short phrase like: a mean boss and covering for a lazy coworker. A short sentence such as “Jealous looking at couples (if you are single). “What does she have that I don’t?”

Phrases that will help you remember your thought and then later process it. When you have the time, then you can write a long novel and dissect your thoughts.

Journal prompts

If you want to try something different and step outside of your thoughts, try journal prompts. There are so many prompts you can search on self-discovery, shadow work or inner child work. Think of it as a self interview.

Practice Gratitude

With your journal. Write down 3 things you are grateful for at the end of your day. This practice helps you shift your focus on the more important things. Gratitude helps you become aware of your present moment. So, you come out of your thoughts.

Expanding with motivational material

Always keep growing by reading, listening to podcasts that interests you, inspiring videos from youtubers already talking about the subjects you are interested in. Learn from those that have achieved the goals you are looking to achieve. They will likely provide insights and inspiration. Be inspired to be better. It will guide you out of your negative loop. Let’s not stay in there. You have so much to accomplish. Listening to that loop will keep you from achieving anything. Negativity keeps you in a unmotivated mode.

A Morning routine

You do not have to have a crazy morning ritual although there are books stating how this impacts lives immensely. You can just wake up one hour before you start getting ready for work. Use this hour to journal, listen to a podcast. Watch a movie if you feel like it. However, I stress reflection. If you have a busy life, you may have only limited time to yourself. Use a morning ritual to be in tune with yourself.

Your self reflection during a morning walk or a run can lead to something that inspires you or motivates you throughout the day. Or maybe it will motivate you to face something in your life. Facing our dark selves is not an easy task. It does get better the more you face things head on. Meet your dark self and face him or her. The sooner, you do it the sooner you will feel, you should’ve done it long ago.


It helps you stay focused. It helps with tuning into yourself. If you have wandering thoughts, the more you practice the easier it gets. This focusing will help you with your self reflection.


Be kind to yourself.

Facing certain issues in your life is harder than others. Do not push it or rush it. Take your time. Be gentle and work on it little by little. Within time, things will feel better.

When you are going through these rough issues, you will want to isolate yourself from people. Do what you have to do to get through it. You come out a different you. When you are ready, you will reach out to people again. Explain to people you need time to yourself. If they do not understand it, then reconsider the relationship.

Journey to the Self

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Limiting beliefs limit manifesting. It limits anything you want to do in life.

This is the importance of a self-journey before manifesting. It is to help you discover your strength so you can raise your vibrational power.

My largest limiting belief was fear for a past few years. I was in a fear based mentality when I was with my friends. My friends created anxiety in my world and a world of lack. This blocked me from going into myself and searching for who I am and what I can be.

Eliminate your limiting beliefs of who you think you are. Start with a clean slate.

If you are the type to begin digging into yourself from the beginning. Start with the early memories of childhood. Spirituality talks about inner child healing. Get in touch with your inner child. Write a letter to your child self.

You can also journal about your defining moments in your younger years.

First time riding a bike or learning a sport.

First Prom.

First boyfriend/girlfriend.

First day of junior high school or high school.

What were the best memory of that defining moment?

What was the the worst?

Did it form any beliefs in your life?

For example, my first prom was sixth grade which I didn’t want to go to. It was a small school and I do not know how to dance. People laughed at me because I didn’t fit in and to dance would be mortifying. During the dance, there was this weird kid in school whom I discovered had a crush on me. He tried to impress me there and I was appalled. People laughed.

1st limiting belief: People’s opinion defined my actions. It carried on throughout my life.

2nd limiting belief: The weird kid made me believe I will always attract weird oddballs my whole life. I ended up with odd relationships and eventually gave up dating.

Seriously, I believed this.

Over one kid!

Journaling has been my favorite way to organize my thoughts and see where my progress is going. My normal practice of journaling is writing to release my emotions and to let go of thoughts in my head. Starting this year, I will be going over my journals. I have a fear of going into my journals because I never liked facing my past. This is the year to break it.

An inspirational quote to lift your vibes

I’ve written so many posts about negativity. Acknowledging your own negativity is not bad at all. What’s important is what you do with it. Do you change it? Or do you let it drag you down? This determines how you direct your day, your life and your relationships with those around you.

So to lighten the mood, here is a positive quote from a Pinterest pin by The Secret:

“Focus on the qualities you like about yourself and the Law of Attraction will show you more great things about you.”

Continue raising those vibes!

Before you manifest- discover yourself

Self doubt

Low self- worth

Lack of motivation

Lack of self belief 

Negative thought patterns


Are all patterns that show we do not know ourselves well enough. We do not know ourselves well so we do not know our power.

Get into your power by discovery of yourself. You are in there but you have been distracted by everything outside of yourself. People you hang out with. Advertisement for products and things major companies feel you should own to better yourself. Family expectations.

Go back into yourself and look deep inside yourself. Get to know yourself. Find out what you want. What you value. How do you want to love? How do you want to live? What Inspires this moment? How do you want to inspire others?

Learning about yourself is not only becoming in your own power but it is an act of self love. 

Take back your power! 

This will raise your vibrations! It is you returning to yourself! 

You are powerful! 

Before you manifest: A beginning journal exercise

~Create your own list of resistance like in my last post. This is a great way to discover your own manifesting blocks.

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Let’s rewind a bit:

  1. What are you trying to manifest that is not coming to you? Love, Career, a business?
  2. What is your time frame to reach your goal? A year, five years?
  3. Are you taking action steps to reach your goal?
  4. What is your current progress to the goal? Is the Universe showing signs that you are manifesting? Are you seeing numbers?

Next list:

If like me, things are not showing up for you, move on to the next list.

Create your resistance list. You can break it up into categories.

  1. Fears.
  2. Do you believe your manifesting will show up? If not, why? Any small doubts you have, list them. It will give you a start to digging deeper. Are you attached to your old beliefs? Do you feel uncertain?

Write it all out. After you are done, look it over. This is a beginning of a work book you can build on.

Take care and be safe!

Working on your love vibration?

Manifesting is fantastic. It really works! Positive mindset brings out positive intent! And then M-A-G-I-C.

Write your goals down.

Write about the life you want.

Believe in it.

This is where love vibration comes in. You can go to a love vibration and still come down from that place. Law of Attraction works when you are consistently up in love vibration. So, when you do not believe. The best thing to do is work on staying in this vibration.

Now work on yourself until you believe in yourself! When you achieve that, the Universe will take that as a cue to help you push your wants and desires out of your goal sheet and into the world. This is the magic happening!

People will appear to help you on your journey. Things you need will slowly start to show up.

Then, the big dream will happen.

Not there yet? It’s time to work. My message is that there is more to just manifesting. If you are not manifesting then, there is some stuff you have to go through. You will sense what that is.

Since, I had time last year due to quarantine, I listened to plenty of frequency music.

Then, I removed toxic people out of my life which are the people manipulating me. My family are toxic too but, I keep them at a distance. They are afterall my family and care for me in some way.

Then Pinterest drew me into crystals. I became drawn to them. I bought my first set which consisted of clear quartz, rose quartz, amethyst and aventurine.

Next, I was interested in learning the chakras that the crystals represented.

Next, I found chakra meditation.

I struggled with meditation at first. Focusing is difficult for me. I still have tough sessions where I do not feel I achieved what I want to achieve during meditation. However, I still try. Sometimes, my intuition sharpens and guides me well which motivates me to keep meditating.

Then, comes clearing out some clutter in my home. Amazing how this can make you happy. It makes life so much easier and it allows the new to come into your life. Great way to bring in new energy. (Also, I naturally love to declutter.)

Next, I decided to try a mind valley course. They advertise all over Youtube. Watching a tarot reading? Mind Valley ad comes up. I guess when the student is ready, the teacher appears.

While doing the mind valley course, I decided to update furniture. I did some redecorating and I am currently in love with these changes. Another way to bring your vibes up is make some changes in your environment if you can. Even if it’s just introducing a plant into your home if you do not own one.

After that, I began digging into inner child work and shadow work.

I have gone through slight changes since my journey began. Maybe an awakening. All of it brought me into an emotional roller coaster. It was not an easy ride. I am still progressing forward. I am all not there yet, but my vibrations are higher.

One of my previous posts I mentioned finding a $50.00 bill on the ground. Brand spanking new bill. I was so surprised. I never found such a large bill before.

I had so much fears in the beginning but, I began heading towards a positive mindset. I am better than I was six months ago. That is the point here.

Your largest fear carries your greatest growth

Everything you want is on the other side of fear.” – Jack Canfield

And then, this journey lead me to write about it here on this blog.

“Feel the fear but do it anyway

Your intuition will guide you always. There is no one way to get to a higher vibration. Everyone is on their own path in life. I am discovering mine. Your higher self and the Universe will always want the best for you!

Love Vibration

“To attract love, first let go of fear”

Since Valentine’s day is tomorrow, I will label this post “Love Vibration”. Cheesy, I know.

I used to think raising your vibration is about being happy. Therefore, I associated doing something I liked as happy.

One example is shopping or grabbing your favorite treat if your fave shop is open during this pandemic.

Yes, this can make you happy.


The vibration is not high enough.

What I noticed in my journey is love is the highest!

What is love vibration?

Keeping it simple, it means being in a state of no resistance.

“What you resist, will persist” -Carl Jung

This is a journey in itself. Anything negative about yourself or any bad you see on yourself that you ignore, will grow bigger and bigger until you face yourself. This is why in my previous post, I wrote about inner work.

In spirituality, it is called shadow work. There is also inner child work. These are actually excellent if you want to go in depth into yourself. I think beginning with your beginnings is fantastic! So, start with your childhood first. Your inner child.

I have read posts about doing shadow work. There is guided meditation with visualization which I tried once. I cried my eyes out. But, deeply relieving. I felt so much weight leave me.

I am more comfortable with just journaling things about my past. They’re so many journal ideas about inner work if you do a search on them. I use them to ask myself questions. Interesting, I do not know the answer to a lot of the prompts. So, it means more work. Get to know myself. What makes me happy?

I have also tried heart chakra meditation. This works for me sometimes.

My favorite is guided chakra meditation which focuses on all 7 chakras. It helps me clear out some negativity. That is when I am ready for a heart chakra mediation. Clear out the bad.Then, bring in the good.

You do not have to do all that. Simply listening to good mood music to get your into a serene mood is meditative enough.

Can you truly go into a state of no resistance in your life? That is quite a journey. To me this is advanced spirituality. This is a journey of going to your higher self.


Being in a love vibration means so many things:

Forgiveness is one. Yes, even people that wronged you. They do not have to know you forgive them. Just the idea of you forgiving. How about forgiving yourself? I am currently working on that. Forgiveness is hard for me.

Like what the top of my post says, letting go of fears. That has been a big part of my journey since leaving my entrapment situation. Will they come after me again?! This will be a post in itself. I have so much to say about that alone.

Clearing out the old things in your life. Clear out old clutter. I did a whole lot of that!

Or more spiritually, clearing your aura. Envision a white light surrounding your body. You can do it for 3 minutes.

It’s amazing when you try to raise your vibration, you also notice what you want to remove out of your life. That brings me back to inner work. Trust your intuition. After raising your vibration your intuition will guide you to start looking at things in you life you need to work on. You will know where to begin. Maybe I will write more in depth about this tomorrow.

Happy journey to manifesting! Stay in love vibration!