This will be a short one. This morning, I went outside to pick up an amazon package at one of those Amazon lockers they have at a retailer due to package thefts. Darn thiefs!

On my way back, I saw this Asian man looking paranoid walking around the avenue. He was heading to the train station and stopped every minute to look around and weary of where he was going.

That was horrible to watch.

He look to the side. He moved a bit, and then stopped to look behind. He continued doing so, until he stopped at the beginning of the train station.

He didn’t have to do that. He doesn’t have to be fearful of who he is because some imbeciles decide to hate. I didn’t want to use a harsh word but, this is the right time for it.

As an fellow Asian, I wanted to tell him he doesn’t have to walk around like that.

  1. It will promote more fear within himself.
  2. Other people will see that and any imbecile can feed off that.
  3. You are showing you are uncomfortable with being yourself.

Be cautious but, do not be afraid of people. Show resilience. Be aware of your surroundings with a guard up but, no need to show fear in your walk.

Walk proud.

Against Hate

I created this for my Pinterest page. I hope people re-pin it and spread love. Pinterest is the only thing I have that is close to social media.

Lovers and not fighters

This article I feel safe to write about here because I know all manifestors are lovers and not fighters. The rise in change is here and it is not going away. It is sad that it is 2021 and we are battling racial injustice. A lot has changed since growing up in the 90s I must say. The next generation has definitely challenged the norm thanks to social media. Posting videos of injustices that happened to them.

I had my share of injustices and never felt like I fit in anywhere let alone my own nationality. I am American born Chinese or Chinese American. I am not American to some people and I am not really Chinese to my own people. I battled this identity crisis for a long time. Actually, for most of my life. In my last few months of healing I have come to better terms with this.

My family came to America like most immigrants in the 1980’s for a better life to escape a limited way of life. They had hopes for an improved life in the difficult times in the 80’s and looked forward for a great chance for their family to thrive. They manifested in their own way to a better life!

My family has their own stories to tell of racial discrimination. This is not just to Asians. Racial discrimination doesn’t discriminate funny enough. Someone has had something they experienced. Although, we Asians never decided to stand up. Asians are experiencing so much lately because of Covid-19. My mind is running a clip of former President Trump saying how he is not being racist and that Covid-19 is in fact a Chinese virus. Really?

The Quiet Community

Asians are known as the quiet community. The less outspoken community so, we always have been the butt of jokes in school and we just keep our head up high and continue on. We hope that keeping our head high will stop the mockery. Yet, it continues. Even other immigrants make fun of Chinese Americans! Amazing! I won’t go into details because that would mean more racist talk. Will not support that here. This post is supposed to turn positive at some point.

FYI: This is a sensitive subject for me but, I am going to stick to it and finish this post.

It is now 2021 and this country is more populated with even more people from other countries seeking a better future for them and their families. We all come from different backgrounds and we may not all understand each other’s way of doing things but, I think many people adjusted to each other. Especially in New York City. We are a melting pot full of different people from all over the world.

We are also now challenged to change. I am glad the Asian Community is taking a stand to speak out. It may not stop the jokes in school or in public but, it will make a statement that we are people as well. Yes, our culture is different. Within the Asian Culture there are so many subcultures. China alone has many dialects and each part of China has their own culture, beliefs, foods they eat, and et cetera. Huge country with so many different backgrounds living as one country, one language to unite everyone. Yet, here in America, Chinese Americans are only seen as one stereotype of person to discriminate against.

Support with love!!

I’ve been isolated(mostly due to COVID) busy finding myself but, seeing social media videos of harsh assaults taken out on Asian Americans are appalling. It shows how backwards our country can be. I am not speaking about everyone. Just those with a small mind. I grew up in a decent time with Bill Clinton’s administration and Mayor Guiliani’s controlling NYC violence extremely well. Today, in March 2021, this is a different time. With President Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, our first female vice president, Covid 19, Black Lives Matter and now Asian racial discrimination. I guess it is time to balance things out and take a stand. I support through love!