Hi! I am D.

Why did I start this blog?

Here is a little about me.

My spiritual journey started in 2014, I lost my personal power to longtime friends who manipulated me to take away my time and finances. On top of all that, I believed every little thing they said to me. One was the mastermind, the other followed the script and then left the picture so, I only dealt with one friend. Anyway, besides that, I was drained of time and honestly little bits of my soul. I was controlled in so many ways. Emotionally, physically, and mentally, my light was being sucked away from me.

At the time I started to see 11:11. I didn’t know what it meant because I was living in fear. Gosh, I am such a gullible person(a bit of self blame here). I am wiser now! I am a sweet person so, evil manipulation will scare the shit out of me. Guilt and threats were two tactics that kept me in this lock with this situation I was in.

Online sources says 11:11 means new beginnings. Funny thing, I didn’t think I was starting anything new accept for getting locked into fear and control.

One day in June of last year(2020), I was walking in the park and it hit me. Just leave the situation.

11:11 means new beginnings and I am starting new by writing about my journey to experience better! I am still struggling with self-confidence and going into a better life path. I am taking steps to do it and this blog is a way of helping me let go. A thing that helped me is changing perspectives and beginning a life of love. Love yourself first! If you do not love yourself, anyone can take your freedom away!

This is my quest to wanting more for myself. I learned that there is inner work to do to remove out any blocks from getting what I want.


Anything spiritual or anything I write in my blog includes advice to raising vibration and becoming more positive. This blog is not meant to impose any type of lifestyle or judgement on anyone. This is solely for self-educational purposes. I aim to help others live a happier life through my experiences as examples.

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