11:11 Journey – (1st post)


Manifesting can be magical and amazing.

However, the process of manifesting is different than you think. A lot of it has to do with your mindset. If you have a positive mindset and happy, positive feelings, you can attract so many great things to you. The Universe will grant you everything that is of your highest good!

FYI: if you read anywhere on this blog and there is weird “woo woo” stuff mentioned, you were alerted.

Manifesting for me has been an interesting journey. As of today, I haven’t manifested much at all. Just my personal free time is what I have wanted for a long time(away from manipulating friends). Manifesting, for me so far, has been about inner work and bringing myself to a higher vibration. Sure, I want to make money and be my own boss, have a nice home, make my own schedule, have love in my life but, I do not feel I am good enough for it. Universe needs me to be clear and be aligned with what I want.

Positive energy. I have struggled with this for a long time. I was always dragging negativity with me. Everywhere I went, negativity was all around me because I never saw it. I used to think it was other people doing this to me, never ME! Why did this happen to me? Why didn’t it happen to her? Why do I have to be always the one with the short end of the stick? Why? Why? Why? It is a victim mentality and it was making my negativity larger and darker. I think people sensed it off of me. Sometimes when I go out in the public, people would just turn to me and stare at me for no reason? Geez!!!! Am I that toxic?

I used to get 11:11 signs whenever I was negative or thinking out of alignment with what I wanted for me. I never understood it.

Finally, last year, I had enough of my negative life. Tired of being depressed, grumpy, and moody. I wanted to change it and be more proactive in my own life. I wanted to lead it to a better path.

Changing mindset. A good example is when I would go out, I feel like people would always be in my way. Cars would always block me. Every time I would cross the street, a big truck would always back up into the street I wanted to cross. Or people would always walk into me blocking my path. What is up with all these blocks?

One day, I started changing my mindset. I started thinking, I am walking too slow that’s why I can’t cross fast enough before the truck starts to park. Or Well, it is a busier time in my neighborhood. Let me walk to a quieter street. I adjusted my mindset and walked a different block and things changed.

Look for a different approach to how you see things. Think outside the box not inside the box. Be mindful and don’t stress over little things. I get surprised how the Universe just works with you.

During a summer day last year, I headed up to my neighborhood park. Crossing to my park was annoying because so many cars would pass by. I was just listening to my positive affirmations to keep a good headspace and I got to the corner of the block to stop for a red light. All of a sudden, in that moment I stopped, the street went quiet and the traffic light turned red for me. The walk sign clicked to “Walk”. The click was louder than usual. Wow. Right. On. Point. I was clear to cross. That was a lovely day!

11:11 would come up more and more. It means differently depending on your thoughts. I still see it to this day. One thing for sure, it is to guide me to a positive way of life. This is a step into raising my vibration!