Limiting Beliefs

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In the last couple weeks, I have time to reflect on the Law of Attraction and my journey. After all, this site is about the Law of Attraction. It’s a journey to manifesting the best life. My best life is my true calling. I haven’t found it yet. Last year was about going through some emotional healing with my past and what it means to be comfortable with myself.

After coming out of that healing, I still have emotions that are not completely healed however, I am better. I am at the point where I can start making some changes into my life.

There are affirmations which I have been using throughout my self-healing journey. I used positive energy frequencies to guide me into the journey. The strength I received from affirmations and energy frequencies lead me to rid of the people who were not aligned to my new journey of healing old wounds and self-discovery. Instead, the people were hurting it. They were blocking me. So, I needed strength to let them go.

In the beginning it was difficult because I felt I needed to be in people’s shadow in order to grow my life. Instead, I let them lead me to the wrong path in life. Removing these people was a necessary step that I achieved. Emotionally, I was hurt for many months because of the betrayal and the lies I was lead to believe. In this hurt, I learned that I needed to figure out my strengths through my weaknesses so, I can lead my life by myself.

This is where I am at this point of my self journey. It is not a comfortable journey because this is something I am doing on my own. I have ups and downs but, I am keeping myself afloat which is rough. I am not going to lie about it. I opt to do this on my own because I need to learn how to rely on myself. I am used to be so unsure of myself and ignore my own opinions. I used to take on the opinions of others. This is a lesson to teach myself how to listen to my inner voice. I think your inner voice is crucial in a self-guided journey. Your higher self and only yourself wants the best for you. Why would you ignore your own voice?

It can be tough with pressures from family and friends to be a certain way and even social media displaying a certain way of life as the ideal way of living. The key to live the ideal life is what makes you comfortable and most of all, happy. This is the importance of a self-journey. What suits you and what makes you happy. You can be rich and still be unhappy. So, true happiness is what makes your soul light up.

So, in that note, I am continuously improving my mental attitude constantly. How does it relate to the law of attraction? Before going on rituals to attract the best life, the foundation of using the Law of Attraction is like attracts like. The good things you seek in life are at a higher vibration and to become that vibration is to match that higher vibration. Mental attitude is key.

A conflict in vibing higher are limiting beliefs. Limiting beliefs stems from past experiences. It can be from childhood. It can be from a previous relationship. It can be from your parents. If you have alot of negative ones like me, these beliefs are hard to remove out of your system. This is my current struggle. I’ve removed alot of my past negativity but, I still have alot of it in my system.

The solution to removing limiting beliefs is to practice being positive. Spring is here so on good weather days, take walks and get the body moving. I instantly vibe higher once I stop sitting around moping about how negative I am.

The body needs water and good nutritious foods to power it so, lots of fruits and veggies. I have been working on this for the past month. I even bought myself a blender to make my own nut milks and smoothies.

I do guided meditations because it assists in visioning your ideal day or an ideal feeling you want to achieve that moment. The better your visualization skills, the better the results.

Sometimes visualizing is a harder thing for me. I love pinterest for this because its a great aid in getting the proper imagery for a vision board. You can use a vision board to practice visualization.

And of course, positive self-talk is a necessary classic. Affirmations will ways be on top of the list when it comes to removing limiting beliefs. I go back to it even when I lead astray from what I call my “positive” training.

So, get positive and vibrate higher. If you fall off the wagon, get back up and start over. No big deal. The idea is to continue the good vibes! Law of Attraction will follow because like attracts like. Enough practice can remove limiting beliefs or make them smaller. If you are like me, the journey is a long one but, a good one. Have good intentions and goals, you will always be motivated!

Happy Journey!