Stepping Stones

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Life is constantly throwing a problem to solve. The issue is overcoming the challenge. What is overcoming a challenge? 

It is going through it. 




You are constantly finding a solution.

Is this the right way to this?

Or that?

What is the lesson in  this situation I am in? 

And when you think you found an answer, over the challenge a new one arrives. And then back at square one. 

No matter how big or small a challenge,

A challenge is a challenge. 

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Looking forward to more better days! Hoping for the best. When there’s darkness, there is light. 

It is easy to become negative. A challenge will bring opposition to you and all the lessons that built your problem-solving mind. The mind will go to that bad place where all you see is bad outcomes. Or you can try to change that mindset and look forward to the good outcomes.

No matter the struggle, chose to go towards the positive. The Universe will provide the rest! Push through that negative. Tell your negative mind to “shut up!”

Focusing in on Positivity

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Staying clear minded and positive is tough. Winter is here and it has been mostly dark. The last couple days were sunny and beautiful almost as if Spring was teasing a bit. Yesterday was beautiful. I think other people were enjoying it too. Temperatures have been about 10 degrees so, having just one day of warmth and sun is a nice break!

I am home mostly due to Covid, ice cold weather and no where to go. This can take a toll mentally. I would try to read to take my mind off things but, my anxiety would kick in a little bit and take me off my reading.

My diet has been horrible. I am single and lazy so, I just eat the most convenient foods. I do feel crappy after eating this type of diet so, I have to work on that. Maybe it can improve my moods a little.

I can say working on law of attraction is slightly on hold. I am working on keeping my vibrations high so, I can attract just good flow of energy. That is always good. Keeping myself centered is important for my mental health. It keeps the bad thoughts out and keeps my moods from dipping. Another thing is my lack of creativity. How do you learn how to leave your comfort zone when you are mostly home bound? My mind goes blank.

During the Holidays//

Even though, I am working on myself internally, the Universe is sending me love through unexpected situations such as a love interest. I never really had one of these. Or maybe I have never noticed anyone interested in me. My mind normally tells me I am not social enough to date or interesting enough nor pretty enough. However, during the holidays as I was focused on my self-love since no one else seemed to care about me. My brother never said Happy Birthday to me but, he text me Merry Christmas on Christmas day. My parents didn’t want to see me on my birthday or even wanted to celebrate it. I insisted. I wanted to see my parents for my birthday! Since no one cared for me, I cared for myself. I bought flowers for myself even though I was sad. I bought candles to watch holiday hallmark movies in the dark. I am a sucker for Holiday Romance movies.

I could’ve let my dark thoughts take over for the holidays. My birthday is right next to Christmas so, I wanted it to feel nice. I by all means do not think I am special but, it kind of hurt me that not even my family wanted to acknowledge me on my birthday. My negativity took me to all these thoughts that were more harmful than helpful to my self-love. I decided even with my sad emotions to just treat myself anyway. I created a beautiful setting to set up my birthday. I bought myself cake, flowers, snacks for movie night alone and treated myself to breakfast, lunch and dinner.

I think that was the important thing during the holidays. Despite no one cared for me, I decided to think there is someone who does care for me and that is myself. And all of a sudden, on my way home from running to the pharmacy, I see this guy in the neighborhood that I never really cared to notice heading to his car. Actually, where did he come from? He was handsome! We ended up looking at each other. He smiled at me. I looked away quickly and he walked away to his destination. I was so surprised. I was shocked he showed interest my way. Normally, people avoid looking at me and just pass me on the street.

Days later, I see him again. He tries to grab my attention. He was standing near his car and I was walking down his direction. Here comes my mistake, I ignored him because I was in a bad mood. I was thinking he would never stay interested in me anyway once he got to know me. I mean, the world never cared to treat me like I mattered so, maybe he would turn out to be just like everyone else after he got what he wanted. I continued to ignore him even after he continued to wave like crazy.

Why do I see this as a mistake? I had to think about it.

It is interesting how no one cared for me in the world including my family on my birthday but, somehow this guy appears on the day and smiles at me. I was outside gathering all the goods to treat myself and this guys appears. How interesting. I know it sounds silly. But, I do not take these things lightly. I take signs from life and I try to read into them. Sometimes, I read too much into them. I am quite a serious person. I wished I hadn’t ignored him when he was waving at me like a maniac to grab my attention from across the street. Why didn’t I take the chance and say hi?

Dream I had last night//

I wake up not too long ago from a dream I had. Some changes with my family. My little brother is becoming serious with his girlfriend. So, I had a dream that I wasn’t invited to his wedding. His wife-to-be was doing the wedding planning and hired a wedding planner. I confronted the wedding planner because she sent out all the invitations in front of a large group of people at a venue. It appears she was organizing some event at this venue which is why there was all these people. I normally, do not confront people nor confront in a large crowd so, my not being invited really upset me. I am the grooms’ sister, how come? She made up a lie about sending it out in the mail. “Maybe it got lost in the mail,” She said. Yeah, right. Everyone else in my dream got an invitation. So, it was obvious I was excluded. I didn’t go any further. I turn away and start walking out of the venue. That’s when I woke up.

I was in such a terrible mood. Since I woke up straight from the dream, my emotions were real and I felt alone. I felt unwanted because people see no worth in me. It took me an hour to switch my mind into thinking it was just a dream. I have to tell myself even if people around me see no worth in me, I have to believe in myself. Somehow, I just have to believe in myself!

Despite how my life appears to others right now, I choose to stand by myself. This is pretty hard because I also share the view of others. It is easy to see that someone with no job, no ambitions currently, and no husband or kids appears very low to society. Especially in an Asian family, I am the oldest which means the oldest is supposed to be married first. But, it is 2021, who is paying attention to these traditions anyway?

I still stand by myself. A chunk of my young adult life was listening to toxic friends who I followed down a bad path. Currently, making up for that time is rough but, I will only keep faith in myself. This is only the beginning which is what I say to myself. My changes are slow. At times, I wonder if there are any changes at all happening to my life. When I exchanged looks with that guy, well that is something there.

I never thought love would ever appear in my life. Not even a hint of it. It gives me hope even though I may have turned down that hope, haha.

My current mental state is to keep on going. Staying positive can only improve my experiences and help me reach my current goals.

When it rains, look for rainbows. When it’s dark, look for stars.

To not worry about the opinion of others but my own.

Keep faith and hope. For myself and for the world. That things can get better.

(And proper diet and exercise to get through this super cold winter!)

Thank you for reading!

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Moving forward in acceptance

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What a lovely morning after a full moon night. I saw the moon round and bright last night! I had the perfect view of it. I had the clearest view outside my window! Usually, I don’t like full moons because my former friends would use it as an opportunity to create more “challenges” to collect my money. Traditionally, the full moon means crazy things happening. I guess symbolically they thought this was funny. That was one giveaway that had me think their “scheme” was fake and not real. Anyway, moving on.

Yesterday, I had a feeling of new energy. New beginnings rising. Not from staring out my window at the full moon but I feel it as a nice feeling of something new arriving. I am looking forward to it. It’s nice to have this feeling of hope inside. I have been so negative but I am learning to accept what I can and can not control on my life. 

Letting go and realizing you can’t control things in life is hard. I’m so used to worrying and creating false stress for myself that this new skill in “acceptance” is a tough one. 

Acceptance is not going against the occurrences in your life. It is about realizing that not everything will go your way and that is okay. Life is tough. Life is full of people, things and events that can alter an outcome of something in your life. Accept all that arrives in your life. Any decision you make should help you forward to your end goal whichever it may be. However, any negativity or thought that keeps you from your happiest is resistance. Release all negative, sad, depressing, critical thoughts. Live in the moment. 

Stop and sit for a second. What is happening around you right now? That is your current moment. Live in the moment and make proper decisions to move forward. Is it time to make breakfast? Go cook it up in the kitchen! Is it time to take out the garbage? Go deal with that stinky mess! Are you currently unwinding with a book? Enjoy your reading for the 30 minutes you give to your book. 

Yes, there is stress that will come in. The news talks about food shortages all over the nation and possible fears of shortages for the holidays. I can fall into the fear or I can check out the reality. Walk around my favorite stores. Do I see any shortages? Thankfully, my stores are stocked with the basics that I need and that is enough! 

I can worry about the hike in food prices and any product sold in stores for that matter but, I can be smart about my money! Creating a list of necessary items and items that I want for the sake of wanting. And looking at my budget. The decision to prep myself will save me stress. 

Speaking of buying, I just bought myself an Amazon Kindle Fire which went on an early Black Friday sale. I couldn’t help it. I have been wanting a tablet for so long. I can read my ebooks and magazines online in convenience. I made this decision since I saw a sale, I decided to go for it. Right now, I have the budget to go do it. I love technology upgrades! Energy draining for the environment but, I will try to conserve! 

This decision also has been made because in the past I was prevented from getting things I wanted because I “owed” money to my manipulative “friends”. This purchase makes me happy. No one can manipulate me now! I own power to what I can and can not do! It’s an exciting freedom! Choosing to be in my own power feels great. 

Not everything is perfect for me and there are still people trying to use manipulation to get to me but, I can choose to give my energy into it or choose to block it out of my life. My intention will be seen with my actions. Looking back, I fell into the manipulation of alot of people including old bosses who use me and this shall be no more. It is so subtle that I easily fall into it. People can be tricky tricksters to get what they want! I am learning to recognize it and either I chose to confront it or I can chose and just drop it and move on. This is a new thing I will get into. I am not perfect at it yet. But, practice makes perfect! 

I release the old and look forward to the new! My happiness will be managed moving forward. I intend to become aware in my thoughts and change out my negative thoughts into positive ones. Thanks for reading! 

Return to positivity

Back to my affirmations journals

The weather is gorgeous outside. It is nearly 70 degrees today! It is just about to be 11:00am and its gorgeous! The weather has been showing its early winter self by going down to the 40s and it has been depressing since daylight savings. I do not like the summer heat but I do enjoy the long, warm days! It is nice to have a sunny warm day again! Enjoy a nice cup of coffee outside!

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This day has reminded me to go back to my affirmations. My emotions have dipped extremenly low due to the job failures I had. I am looking up now and want to bring my mindset back to positive. It is time to correct my internal talk.

The mind constantly goes back to negativity and worries. This thinking does weigh you down and wastes energy. So, things can be better if I change my mindset.

A blogger reminded me of Dr. Wayne Dyer’s work. He teaches the power of the mind. The way you think will bring what you expect in life. If you expect the worst out of a situation so, it will be. If you expect the best out of a situation so, it will be. I forget this teaching and it was nice to revisit Dr. Dyer’s work through youtube videos of his lectures. The lectures are crazy long but, there are short ones there.

A blogger also reminded me to return to affirmations. I have started my journals as mentioned in a previous post but neglected it for about two months.

See previous post about my journals:

I started these journals because my mind is intensely negative and needs to see repetition to replace my automatic thoughts. There are people who can study for an exam by just repeating to themselves out loud. Then, there are others who need to write it down 50 times in order to have something memorized. My studying style is more like this.

It will hurt your hand haha but, writing down an affirmation 50 times work out for me. My mind has a hard time believing in something good for myself.

I must replace my thoughts with better in a workbook. Once my mind gets into a positive state, I continue to work on it to keep myself there even through worries.

You’re worries will always be there.

It is just seeing that the best outcome will happen which is the purpose of the exercise. It is amazing how things work out with thoughts of positivity and letting go.

In addition, I have a coping mechanism for my negative emotions which is shopping and decluttering. These do not go together! I am working on adjusting myself. I’m a work in progress. I am constantly editing things in my life and trying to be “better”. I think it adds to my negativity. I should get a hobby once I avoid laziness.

Anyway, off I go to self-improve myself. Enjoy this beautiful day!

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Becoming Motivated with the Power of Positivity

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My journals have been quite a successful way for me to change my mindset. I am currently making it a daily practice. My negative mindset does pop back up. It’s always going to be there as I realize this daily. Everyday, I can think something negative easy however, with the journal exercises, I am learning to think a positive thought in replacement. This is exciting progress for me here. I am someone who has been so hard on herself all my life. This is quite a change!

The positive affirmations has made me realize do I want to continue repeating negative things about myself and have thoughts based on my past experiences or do I want to create a new story for myself? I decided I do want to create a new story for myself. The positive affirmations is a excellent assistant to start this new story.

I still have the anxiety and worry that comes with negativity of course, as I mentioned in the above paragraph. But, the improvements in a few weeks just make me push more towards completing my goals. My current goals are the results of this positive thought process which I will explain later.

So, continuing my affirmations and gratitude is a must for me. My external environment may not change dramatically right now. Nor, will it change to the way I would like it to be. However, I am looking forward to the changes coming to me as I do these exercises daily. I’ve been having a different attitude even with the negativity. It is more 50% positivity as I used to have 20% positivity.

My current life is still met with some difficulties but, I am so motivated to push through it. I am seeing it more as a challenge to solve problems as situations arise during my day.

My old way was to let the situation ride out and not think too hard about it. This response well, didn’t work out. I am motivated to find a different way to getting what I need. Instead of seeing blocks, I am motivated to push past this belief. Instead of seeing a brick wall, I am changing my mindset and looking at it as an adjustable wall partition that can be moved to create room for something else. Therefore, my wall is no longer intimidating. That was probably not the best analogy but, I hope it is understandable.

Positivity is a motivator. Any blocks you are currently going through, think of it as there’s always another way. See past the limitation.

I feel like I am still at the beginning of a journey. Lots of tough things going on in this world. I am going to get through it as best as I can. Building a positive story instead of continuing on the road of negativity is a great direction towards progress. Being positive within my own mindset and creating that inner peace is so comforting. And it makes me seek out more. To progress….

Back to the beginning: Refocusing my negativity to positivity

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My focus as late has been on getting back into the workforce. I didn’t focus too hard because my main priority was getting myself out of a negative loop again. My brain really likes to make me miserable. Well, I see where it takes me and that is not the direction I wish to go anymore. So, I am actively motivating myself to switch out of this mindset.

I had some setbacks that sort of put me in a bad mood for a while. I binged on netflix to try to drawn it out. While it was fun, I had to address the main issue. My emotions. I went back into meditation. I have to ground myself again. No more binging on netflix.

The hardest thing about being at your lowest point in life is breaking out of that negativity. I am back to where I was a year ago. I am full of negative thoughts telling me I am not worthy of a better job and any other negative beliefs.

So, I took action. I created a gratitude journal and a affirmations journal. I bought separate books to create them. One book for gratitude and one book for affirmations. As a daily exercise, I work on both books. At least 15 minutes to work on them. If I am feeling extra negative, I take longer to work on the books.

Some of the gratitude I wrote down reminded me of how blessed I still am. It may not put the negativity away immediately but, the more I listed of what I was grateful for, the more I was present and the more I became at ease. Its an excellent way of getting out of the mind (especially my mind) and reminding myself I am at peace around me. Being present is the best way to keep away from the negativity.

My affirmations journal is my physical way of shifting my negative thoughts out of my mind. I enter positive ones by repeatedly writing affirmations. Sometimes I create my own and sometimes I just copy affirmations from google searches. Repeating affirmations out loud wasn’t helping me. So, I changed the method on how I repeated affirmations.

It seemed to work. Meanwhile, I submitted resumes to places I felt I was qualified for. I randomly did it even though, I may not get a reply.

I was amazed this week to find a message from an employer asking me to go in for an interview. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out which is fine because during the interview, I felt management and I will not work well together. I had jobs in the past where management was horrible. No support. My management only took advantage of my work ethic. My coworkers as well. They would slack off because they knew I would do the work. I am no longer interested in toxic environments. Even during these tough times, I am going to be careful in my selection. This interview that I stressed out for reminded me of those old times at work. When you are the little guy at a company, you are expected to put out hard work without complaints. You are thrown multiple tasks to complete and expected to meet demands at top speed for minimum dollar. According to management, you are paid top dollar. If you do not meet the demands, you are “lazy”. If you do meet the demands, you are “expendable”. You are damned if you do. Damned if you don’t. I feel this is toxic. I can do the work, but I feel differently about that now. Maybe I am just reliving bitterness from old jobs. Regardless, I would like to change that.

My new manifesting objective is to manifest supportive and an awesome management team and coworkers. I am thankful of that interview because it reminded me that right now I am not interested in how many dollars I make. I am interested in the team I am surrounded by and the type of workplace environments I am looking for. Then the dollar is next.

Anyone manifesting career or work, I hope you are blown away by the awesome work you find or opportunities you find. Everyone deserves a better career path that supports them in every way.

To sum it up, my affirmations journal is my amazing helper as of late. Anyone else feeling negative, I suggest journal exercises. It’s an amazing way to focus your mind. It helps you focus your thoughts and purposely direct your thoughts. I have even been trying art journaling but, I am lacking the resources to be creative. So, I only create normal journals. For example, looking for material like magazines to create collages in my books. I am working on that.

To leave the negative mindset:

  1. Ground yourself. Be present and meditate. Stay calm and focus your mind. Stay focused even when things are out of your control. A focused mind helps you be creative.

2. Be thankful. Create a journal where you write 3-5 things you are grateful for during your day.

3. Repeat affirmations or create an affirmations journal. Journaling is a awesome exercise to help you out of a negative mind. It helps you focus your thought. It is a very effective tool.

My actual journals

4. It can be tough but, trust that the Universe will provide the best to you. Stay calm and know that better is on your way to you. The more you focus on this and trust it, the more it arrives. You can also listen to gratitude meditations. Shift your emotions towards positive even when things are not always great.

Goal of the day

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The goal is to enjoy every minute of today! If you have the time, slow down and be aware of every movement you do. The joy of cooking. The smell of the grass if you are near greenery, enjoy the sounds of birds, enjoy a favorite beverage, enjoy a favorite snack, maybe write in a journal or art journaling. I hope you get to do something that is the highlight of your day and makes you smile!

What to do when you don’t have it in you to be positive?


I’ve been watching pink panther on YouTube. Amazing time when I was growing up. The younger generation may disagree with how things were without internet and telephones were landlines not cellphones you carry around in your pocket. 

Television used to be free. You didn’t have to pay for the fox channel or the CW formerly the WB. 

I don’t even think the younger generation knows what a disk drive is. Gosh. Such simple times. I get nostolgia these days. When I was a kid I wanted to grow up and experience a wonderful grown up life. Now that I am grown up, I want to go back to my childhood. It wasn’t the best but summers were spent out doors and I had block parties with the neighborhood kids. Roller skating and biking with your friends or neighborhood kids was a thing. It was fun minus the gossiping. Kids loved to gossip about one another even back in those days. I never understood it. Most likely because I used to be that weird quiet girl in school. No one connected with me because I was the only Asian girl. So I had sympathy for others that were picked on. 

Anyway, enough rambling. I will most likely be those “back in the day….” old ladies in my future telling stories about how things were.

Back to the present: There are presssures around me to be a certain way. To have a successful career even during covid. To be married and have a lovely family of my own.  To have my own place. I want all of that!! However, I am going at my own pace. It’s a slow one.

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Yet, the pressure to do these things is getting to me. 

One reason could be my mother has been trying to convince me for years to go into an arranged marriage in another country! Absolutely not!!!
My parents have their own way of thinking when it comes to normal.

How can I stay positive? 

Have faith that things will work out.

I am repeating this in my brain. Any rejection is God’s protection. 

I am not even sure where my rejections are taking me. I am going to take it one day at a time.

Staying hopeful can be hard in these times. The news reports unemployment yet I am surrounded by people who have employment. I have to stay positive. For one thing that is good news. My family is provided for. 

I have been trying out recipes and staying positive with healthy eating. I still treat myself to pizza, chocolate chip pancakes and different take-out foods to make my taste buds happy. 

I am mindful so once negativity hits, I turn it around and do something positive. 

Being grateful- is a way to be happy. Writing them down in a daily journal which I do attempt. I have a journal specifically for gratitude.

Some things I am currently grateful for:

I am grateful to have another chance at bettering my life. 

I am grateful for being provided for. 

I am grateful to have access to plenty of foods so I do not go hungry! There are those that are struggling.

I am grateful for a warm cozy bed with heat and electricity provided. 

Continuously seeking motivation is my current task. I set a list of goals of the day which is currently short. But, it helps to create a more structured day! 

Complete household tasks to get your mind off the negative thinking:


Organizing something you have been meaning to organize. Organize a closet. If it’s already done last year because of covid I am sure there are places you can revisit. Staying organized is a constant thing. It’s a lifestyle! 

Decluttering- my favorite. My tiny pantry has been overstuffed with ingredients I bought recently for baking recipes so, I will be organizing that. A limited space keeps my items in check so I do not overcrowd my space!

If you are creative a DIY project would be fun. I have a pallet in the yard that is weathered. I have been wanting to repurpose it.

Another thing to help bring good vibes is writing about my ideal day. It is a part of manifesting but it doesn’t have to be just for that although, it doesn’t hurt. Why not manifest? You can use it to uplift and see a better future! That’s a great way to cheer up! When you are down, there only one other way to go and that is up! 

Watching something positive for a short period of time. To get the mind busy. A pre-recorded comedy show maybe. Those are fun to watch. 

Meditation and affirmations are always key to uplift! This will be automatic to any how-to post I write! 

The last thing that is automatic is taking action. I’m at a point in life where staying negative is uncomfortable! I used to victimize myself, and go on and on about the same negative thing. Anyone who talks to me I would discuss my negative thing and repeat it in my head. Negative, negative, negative! Now, I prefer to do something about it. Negativity only hurts and not help. A change is in order. 

Have fun being positive! Lots of love here! Thank you for reading my post!

Limiting Beliefs

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In the last couple weeks, I have time to reflect on the Law of Attraction and my journey. After all, this site is about the Law of Attraction. It’s a journey to manifesting the best life. My best life is my true calling. I haven’t found it yet. Last year was about going through some emotional healing with my past and what it means to be comfortable with myself.

After coming out of that healing, I still have emotions that are not completely healed however, I am better. I am at the point where I can start making some changes into my life.

There are affirmations which I have been using throughout my self-healing journey. I used positive energy frequencies to guide me into the journey. The strength I received from affirmations and energy frequencies lead me to rid of the people who were not aligned to my new journey of healing old wounds and self-discovery. Instead, the people were hurting it. They were blocking me. So, I needed strength to let them go.

In the beginning it was difficult because I felt I needed to be in people’s shadow in order to grow my life. Instead, I let them lead me to the wrong path in life. Removing these people was a necessary step that I achieved. Emotionally, I was hurt for many months because of the betrayal and the lies I was lead to believe. In this hurt, I learned that I needed to figure out my strengths through my weaknesses so, I can lead my life by myself.

This is where I am at this point of my self journey. It is not a comfortable journey because this is something I am doing on my own. I have ups and downs but, I am keeping myself afloat which is rough. I am not going to lie about it. I opt to do this on my own because I need to learn how to rely on myself. I am used to be so unsure of myself and ignore my own opinions. I used to take on the opinions of others. This is a lesson to teach myself how to listen to my inner voice. I think your inner voice is crucial in a self-guided journey. Your higher self and only yourself wants the best for you. Why would you ignore your own voice?

It can be tough with pressures from family and friends to be a certain way and even social media displaying a certain way of life as the ideal way of living. The key to live the ideal life is what makes you comfortable and most of all, happy. This is the importance of a self-journey. What suits you and what makes you happy. You can be rich and still be unhappy. So, true happiness is what makes your soul light up.

So, in that note, I am continuously improving my mental attitude constantly. How does it relate to the law of attraction? Before going on rituals to attract the best life, the foundation of using the Law of Attraction is like attracts like. The good things you seek in life are at a higher vibration and to become that vibration is to match that higher vibration. Mental attitude is key.

A conflict in vibing higher are limiting beliefs. Limiting beliefs stems from past experiences. It can be from childhood. It can be from a previous relationship. It can be from your parents. If you have alot of negative ones like me, these beliefs are hard to remove out of your system. This is my current struggle. I’ve removed alot of my past negativity but, I still have alot of it in my system.

The solution to removing limiting beliefs is to practice being positive. Spring is here so on good weather days, take walks and get the body moving. I instantly vibe higher once I stop sitting around moping about how negative I am.

The body needs water and good nutritious foods to power it so, lots of fruits and veggies. I have been working on this for the past month. I even bought myself a blender to make my own nut milks and smoothies.

I do guided meditations because it assists in visioning your ideal day or an ideal feeling you want to achieve that moment. The better your visualization skills, the better the results.

Sometimes visualizing is a harder thing for me. I love pinterest for this because its a great aid in getting the proper imagery for a vision board. You can use a vision board to practice visualization.

And of course, positive self-talk is a necessary classic. Affirmations will ways be on top of the list when it comes to removing limiting beliefs. I go back to it even when I lead astray from what I call my “positive” training.

So, get positive and vibrate higher. If you fall off the wagon, get back up and start over. No big deal. The idea is to continue the good vibes! Law of Attraction will follow because like attracts like. Enough practice can remove limiting beliefs or make them smaller. If you are like me, the journey is a long one but, a good one. Have good intentions and goals, you will always be motivated!

Happy Journey!