“It takes time to heal”

Photo by Rathnahar Sriom on Pexels.com

Not a very Fourth of July heading. but it turns out I am still healing.

I now realize that there is always more healing and more self-improvement to do. Things change slowly and the more self-improvement you do, the more things shift. It’s just being open to that uncomfortable feeling when you are going through these changes. 

Letting yourself stay the same or continue the healing is always the question. Healing is not comfortable. With my current position, I realized I still have negativity I thought I healed within me. I can do more to improve my mindset and how I accept challenges.

The minute a challenge arrives I want to run. Is it worth going through this uncomfortable feeling? 

I would love a cheat sheet for life but, that is not how life is. Creating that life path you love is not easy.

It is July. It’s time to evaluate my list of goals. This evaluation is a part of my healing process.

Almost the end of the year, and I am looking back at my accomplishments this year. These are slow going list of accomplishments that I started last year. I am still in progress since last year. I thought I would finish a couple of goals on my list. I have not.

Now it is time to evaluate how far or how uncomfortable I am willing to go to get more of my list accomplished. 

As far as my healing goes, I have to evaluate my self-esteem. I have been attracting some negativity since beginning my new position back in February. This position is full of toxic people that make me doubt myself. My mind has resorted back to negative thoughts. My low energy has attracted more negative people and situations that has brought my self- esteem down even more. 

I need to return back to my peaceful self during quarantine times. That happy self. I need to go back to that time of peace amidst this current toxicity.  

Not only my current toxicity but, political toxicity. So much going on in the world. But, the best thing I can do right now is control my immediate world. 

Stay safe! and continue to be love!